Tuesday Blessings {& other stuff}

December 28, 2010

{via Natalie}

Today I feel blessed because:

My husband is incredible.  Whenever I need his help all I have to do is ask and he's there.  Not to mention he cooks me three meals a day.  He's a keeper!

My home.  It's getting colder outside and I am so thankful that Jonathan and I have a warm place to sleep and spend our time and that we LOVE it!  I don't think we could have found a better first home and I don't want to EVER take for granted the fact that some families don't have the "luxury" of a working heater and hot running water.  {Although, we have already started planning for home number two...in about two years.  We've always assumed we would live here about 3 years and it's been a year and a half already!}

And now, on to some random tuesday thoughts:

I think...

-leggings are not pants

-it's funny when people take multiple pregnancy test...if you read the instructions they tell you there are no false positives. False negatives, yes but positives...nope.

-the only comfortable maternity clothes are flowy dresses and skirts

-that this March of Dimes week of viability chart is interesting. It's good to know I guess...
Length of Pregnancy - Likelihood of Survival
23 weeks - 17%
24 weeks - 39%
25 weeks - 50%
26 weeks - 80%
27 weeks - 90%
28-31 weeks - 90-95%
32-33 weeks - 95%
34+ weeks - Almost as likely as a full-term baby

-I'm too nervous about my glucose test...the reason being I had one about 2 years ago and I passed out :( I used to be a "fainter"...still kind of am BUT I took the test before we knew I had hypothyroidism and now since I'm on medication for it I know I should be fine. I just can't stop thinking about how badly it went last time...BLAH!!!

-This idea from Ashley is SUPER cool! - A way to make Christmas gifts meaningful, memorable and still keeping God the center of Christmas. Jonathan and I really do not like all the EXCESS at Christmas. Some families just go overboard to me. I recently read a teenager's facebook status and it said, "Oh my gosh I love my dad so much because he got me everything I wanted for Christmas" and it literally made me cringe. So, I think this idea is a really great way to keep things "God centered" and not "over the top". Here's how it works: everyone gets a "Gold" gift, "Frankincense" gift, and a "Myrrh" gift. Gold is the gift that person has really been wanting and hoping for. The Frankincense gift is for your spiritual growth, like a new Bible, Christian CD or book (Jonathan and I added that this can be for personal growth as well meaning any book, literature or cultural thing). The Myrrh gift is something for your body, like clothes, lotion, etc. We both are really excited to start doing this next year and Jonathan even added buying different wrapping paper for each type of gift! And, I think we're going to do the stockings as all Santa gifts! So, you'll still get more than just 3 gifts but it's not all of the excess that makes me want to puke!

-this shirt is really cute! That's why I ordered it from Gap.com and can't wait to get it in!

Happy Tuesday!


Lyndsey said...

I've read about doing the three wise men gifts before and think it's a cool idea. And three is a good number of gifts anyway, that's about what Will and I do now. Not too much but still fun for Christmas!

Megan said...

That is a really good idea. I have never heard of that before, but I definitely think that people can go way overboard these days. I'm going to say a prayer for you and your glucose test! I know that must be nerve racking!

Rachel and John said...

Love the shirt. I'm nervous for my glucose test too. Just because if I had G.D. it would be such a PAIN. You know?

Jamie said...

I've heard of some parents doing the 3 gifts at Christmas...sounds like a good idea!

Lyndsey said...

Thanks. I am kind of bummed b/c I thought since I don't really eat sweets and my weight is good I would be okay, but apparently that is not the case! The nurse was really nice and sounded optimistic about the 3 hr. so I'm trying not to worry about it until after that one is over. Kelly @ Kelly's Korner failed her first one and passed the 3 hr. so I'm using her as my inspiration, haha!

Mrs. G said...

Good luck on your test!! I can see how that could be really nerve-wracking! And I like your two blessings!! =)

Alida said...

What a great gift idea... I just love that! Our Christmas was very modest so we only gave one gift each. Three would be a step up for us!!

Just saw your blog over at the Blessing box and am now a new follower:-)

joy & blessings,

Rachel said...

Ditto about Christmas presents. I've also heard about those 3 gifts and that's what I hope to implement for our kids someday =) Way better idea than spoiling them!


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