Current State

January 7, 2011

Here is the current state of our little Georgia's nursery.  These pictures are pretty embarrassing to show.  We had planned on the board and batten being finished but we had some sudden family issues to deal with (on J's side) so the room remains unfinished.

Just remember, this is the look we are going for (via The Nester) so ignore all the clutter and unpainted boards on the ground and imagine it all pretty and white like in the picture :)

When you walk in the door.  Obviously the light fixture will be changed and our partial backyard shed will not be seen because of the wonderful window treatments I am dreaming up in my head.  Also, the black vanity will be painted white and will be her changing table.

The large blank wall will be where her crib goes, the black night stand will be painted white (I think) and her rocking chair will be over there.

The huge white armoire takes up space but provides a lot of storage.  I love it.

And what is currently in there...2 car seat bases are on top, extra car seat items are in the brown and purple bags, next there is a pink bumper, on the next shelf is a Boppy, the next shelf holds a car seat, another bumper because I haven't decided which one I want my mother in law to make covers for yet, a changing pad, a breast pump in a giant black bag that some women think is discreet but everyone knows whats in there, and the open drawer has some random PJs.  This will hold other stuff because everything I am currently using it for will eventually come out.

And her closet.  This girl has too many clothes already.  This is the best I can do with the closet right now until the room starts to come together.  The closet and armoire are kind of my catch all until all the painting and saw dust settle down!

We have a lot to do....ugh : /


Emily said...

I love the theme you are going for with the nursery, it is precious! This little girl will have a great room in no time!

Allison said...

I love the look you are going for!! It will look great when done!

Jamie said...

Love the look you're going for! Can't wait to see it once it's done...I know it will look beautiful!

Katelyn said...

Your progress looks wonderful! Don't get discouraged, you still have plenty of time to get it all done.

Georgia is going to be soo spoiled.. Look at all those clothes :) Can't wait to see her all dressed up in them.

Megan said...

I love how it is going to look. Y'all are doing a great job! She has sooo many clothes already, going to be a fashionable baby!

Rachel and John said...

You have about 18 weeks to get it all done though! So don't worry! It will be beautiful!

Megan said...

It is going to be SO beautiful when it's done! I love nurseries with lots of white!!

cait said...

Love the inspiration! Gorgeous choice! It will get finished! :) But I feel your pain...I'm one of those that wants something finished once it's started. Unfinished projects drive me crazy!

Have a great weekend!

Jenny said...

I love the look you are going for. I bet it will look awesome! I gave you a stylish blogger award I received earlier!


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