Pros and Cons

February 24, 2011

Long and boring...just a warning.

So, this is me talking writing through the pros and cons of the work situation Jonathan and I have decided on for next year...the first year of Georgia's life.

Here is the break down

Jonathan is a teacher/coach working on his masters and will graduate in August.  We're hoping that for next school year he'll either get a job as a Department Head or an Assistant Principle.  If he doesn't, that's ok because at least we won't be paying his graduate school tuition anymore.  Our real plan is that he'll most likely teach/coach for another year (2011-2012 school year) and most definitely get an Assistant Principle job the following year (2012-2013 school year).

Our future home plans are to start looking into moving in May 2012.  While the area we live in is very convenient we want to live in a more well established area that is more family friendly, close to the church we just joined, and closer to my brothers and sister in law.

I work part time as an art teacher at a private school.  My school almost closed in November and it was a huge ordeal but now we're staying open (you can read the full details here) which is nothing short of a miracle.  While I don't feel like being a teacher is my "calling" I do love where I work and I do love teaching art.  It's perfect for me right now...but let's break it down even further into the pros and cons of working part time with a baby.  I'll first say that I wouldn't work at all if I didn't have the exact job that I do right now.  I don't want Georgia in daycare and I don't want a non family member watching her.  That is just my personal preference since I've worked at a day care before.  (My mother in law will be keeping her next year for the few hours I work).  Now, onto the pros and cons!

I'll have a social network - Where I live now I know NOBODY and I'm not exaggerating.  When we move (in a year and a half maybe) then I could stay home because I know a ton of stay at home moms in our future area but right now I would be bored and I fear I would feel very alone.

Conversation - This is totally lame but I have this fear I will have nothing to talk to Jonathan about when he gets home from work when I stay at home full time.  I want to be able to talk to him about more than our baby (which, I'm sure we'll talk about all the time) and since we're both teachers we always have a lot to talk about when we get home.  Again, if we lived in a different area (by our friends and family) this problem would solve it's self but for where we live now I would be a total home-body...I mean, we don't even have a park close by...besides the one in our neighborhood.  LAME!

Abandonment - Because of my school's situation, that I mentioned earlier, I feel like I can't just leave them high and dry.  Even though next year is just me and Jonathan's trial year I feel like that is better than nothing.  Plus, at work today my boss singled me out to tell everyone how happy she was that I was there!  So sweet :)  If/when Jonathan and I move then I won't work there anymore because my drive would be over an hour each way and that would STINK!  So, when/if we move I'll obviously stay home full time.

Time - I won't be able to see Georgia 24/7.  But, right now that is something I think I can handle since I only work part time and I'll most likely want a little break from her to have adult conversation with my friends at work.

The End

And, because I don't like posts without pictures here are a few.  The sun shining already makes me want to get baby Georgia outside!


Marcy XOXO said...

Those belly pics are just adorable girlie!!!

Melissa Jo said...

Hey girl! I gave you an award today!

Megan said...

OMG you are getting so big, I can't wait to meet Georgia! Also, love the idea of you moving to be closer to your brothers and sister in law because that mean closer to me too!

Tami said...

You made some really good points. I'm going to be staying home for at least the first year and I fear a lot of the same things you listed. I guess I will work through it as we go. I love that dress!

sfloyd said...

I went through this same thing. I made the chose to work for a lot of the same reasons. She LOVES daycare though so that made it easier. You've made some really good points. Good luck with your choice!

Stephanie said...

This post I can relate to. As a new mommy who just went back to work part-time I think your points are great! I only work T, W, Th and my mom watches Ellie while I work. I worried about going back to work but it really is a good thing for us. I personally needed some adult time. I always wanted to be a full-time stay at home mom, but I had spent 24/7 with Ellie for 8 weeks and as much as I love her, I was ready for a little time away, and a part-time schedule is a perfect balance. Being home with an infant can be lonely so it's good that you will have something to do other than be home... and happy mom = happy baby.

Sarah @ Picture Window said...

I think you'll like being part time for a year. It also makes a big difference having family take care of the baby, rather than a daycare. My parents and MIL watched Celia for the first year and it was wonderful.

Rachel said...

Loving that dress.
I know fears are so real to us sometimes but based on what I've read about you and Jonathan, I think you'll still have plenty to talk about! He seems so supportive! I'm sure there will be changes but isn't it neat that the Lord put the both of you together in marriage and now as parents of little Georgia? Trust in His plans!

Mrs. V said...

Just pray about the situation and I'm sure doors will be open/shut and God will show you the answer! Is that a dress you're wearing in the pic? It is TOO cute! You are really showing and are a super cute pregmomma! I love the shadow pic too. You will probably love looking back at these pics in 20 years! Or even in one year! ha!

Jamie said...

Lots of decisons to make! I know that everything will turn out great :)

the walton's said...

sounds like a perfect plan to me :) it's nice you will be able to spend so much time with georgia!!

Mrs. Business said...

Gracious, I love this post! Our baby was born in mid-December, and I'm having such a difficult time deciding if I want to return to work (at the end of March). My #1 fear is I won't have anything to discuss with my husband and I'll bore him! Glad to see I'm not alone in that fear!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

I think you have done an excellent job in thinking through your decision and I assure you that baby Georgia will be just fine and you will likely be a better Mommie as a result of working parttime. Both my daughter and DIL are teachers and they are blessed to have a precious lady keep both of the babies at one of their homes. It has worked beautifully and I am the sitters backup. All the best!

cait said...

I so enjoyed reading this! It's so funny how we all have our own worries and fears...all so unique. And no matter what they are, God still provides hope and the promise that He will provide and take care of us. How amazing is it that He went before you and provided this position for you? I'm praying God works out the details ahead of "our" (His) plans to get pregnant. Your story is an inspiration to me...reminding me that God provides just what we need, just when we need it.


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