Valentine's Challenge {1&2}

February 8, 2011

I love Valentine's day so if you do too LINK UP HERE

Day 2
When I'm feeling down, to cheer myself up I {LOVE} to...
♥ Take a long bubble bath
♥ Talk to my husband
♥ Blog (sometimes I'll write a long, ranting post and then delete it.  Still feels good)
♥ Make a list of things I'm thankful for

Day 1
When I need some me time I {LOVE} to...
♥ Take a long bubble bath (love my baths)
♥ Go to Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, or the like
♥ Watch HGTV
♥ Flip through a magazine

And, I'll leave you with a little teaser picture.  Details to come tomorrow!
Yes, that is my husband on a donkey!


Tara said...

Omg! Jonathan on a donkey?! Hahaha!

Megan said...

That is hilarious, I can't wait to hear the story!

chloë. said...

Curious to understand the donkey/cheerleaders in the background!

And I noticed you guys are going on a "babymoon" you know where yet? Something I've been considering (I know, I'm so behind lol).

the walton's said...

love the picture and love that most of our answers are the same! nothing better than bargain shopping, blogging, and spending time with the hubs.

Courtney said...

is his shirt the UNC logo over TExas? If so, I Love it! (I'm a UNC alum...)

I also love your lists!

Thank you so much for linking up with our challenge! hope to see you tomorrow too!!!!

meghan said...

I love watching HGTV. It's my second favorite only to Food Network. :) I also love talking to my boyfriend, as he always makes me feel better. Stopping by from the blog hop and just love your blog! Did you make your header?

Sam said...

Blogging is a great pick-me-up! :)

Thanks for coming back for day two! And I'm definitely interested in the story behind the donkey picture, hehe. :)

Lyndsey said...

umm yeah I saw those pics on facebook, what is going on?!?! Hahaha

Tatiana said...

haha. Your hubs looks so funny! I'm looking forward to reading all about it :)


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