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March 20, 2011

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{Blogging is boring to me right now...sorry.  It just seems blah at the moment}

Friday was the official last day of Spring Break.  I'm not totally sad about it being over (since I only work 3 hours in the afternoon anyway) besides that I have loved Jonathan being home all the time.  It's been so nice to have him home with me!  It's a benefit to him being a teacher.

We've been getting A LOT done around the house.  Mainly Jonathan, but when I feel energetic I help out too.

Here's what we've been up to (in no sequential order really.)

Jonathan rides his bike every morning.  I've been taking it easy from all of our walks because they always trigger multiple BH contractions.  So, Jonathan says I don't need to go on walks...haha.

Worked on the nursery.  It's so close to being done that I don't want to reveal any more pictures until we're 100% done.

I've been watering the yard like crazy and getting the house ready for spring.

I filled up our bird feeders.  I saw one humming bird trying to eat out of our empty feeder so I filled them up!

I finished a month's worth of sub lesson plans.  I know I will for sure miss the last 2 weeks of school but I can't really be sure until we get closer how much I will actually miss so I did more lessons than I really needed.

I'm nearly done with the first half of my school's yearbook now.  The first half is due April 4th so I'm glad I made so much progress over the break.  I only lack 5 pages until I'm done.

Jonathan is now about 70% done with his graduate school portfolio.  He has to have this done before he can do his internship (which is a month long) and take his final tests.  I'm so proud of him for staying ahead of schedule and getting so much done.  I'm so blessed to have married such a hard working guy!  Graduation is getting closer and closer!

But he didn't only work.  Much of the break we left the windows open and while I was inside working on lesson plans I could hear him outside practicing Bob Dylan on the guitar.

Cleaned the house (and did a few small projects here and there) and deep cleaned the fridge.  Nesting makes my cleaning and organizational tendencies a bit on the OCD side.  I've decided I have to have all the carpet professionally cleaned before Georgia gets here!

Sweet hubs came home with fresh flowers the other day.  So pretty!

Jonathan did some yard work and we planted more flowers in the front yard.  Looks very cheery now :)

Our grocery bill was 40$ below budget this week!  Again, I LOVE HEB!

Had a great evening out with Erik and Rachel :)


cait said...

You got so much accomplished! I'm sure you feel refreshed and ready to take on the end of the year until Ms. Georgia gets here! glad you had such an enjoyable time together!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I use to shop at HEB in Texas and LOVED it!!! Keep it up :)

Jamie said...

Sounds like y'all have been busy! Have a great week back at school!

Manda said...

Good for you for doing more lesson plans than needed! Can't wait to see the nursery!

Kristen said...

HEB is the best! Can't wait to see the finished nursery!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya on blogging...I've been blah about it too...reading and writing! Sometimes that's all I do, so I guess a break is good, too!!

Sounds like you've been so productive; I wish I could say the same for us!!

Hope you have a great week :)


Jami said...

So sweet that the hubby brought you flowers! Have fun getting ready for the baby :)

Elizabeth said...

Emily...I love your blog, the fresh flowers, and so wishing I had a hammock to lay on!

Like Jami said, have fun getting ready for your sweet baby!

I'm now your newest follower! :)


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