Thursday Rambling

March 3, 2011

1.  I officially hate Bank of America although we will not be moving banks.  We use their automatic bill pay and 2 times now they have sent the wrong bill to the wrong people.  Lab Corp (blood work service) has now received our mortgage payment and credit card payment (which we only use for the points).  B of A online says it is going to the correct place and then once it is officially "cleared" it is some how magically sent to Lab Corp.  Makes no sense.  AHHHH!  So, that means we have to pay our mortgage TWICE this month because Lab Corp can't refund the money fast enough for us to use it...although we will be totally refunded in a few weeks.

2.  We're doing yard work this weekend and I'm super excited to kick off spring.

3.  I officially made the switch to showers last night.  Yes, I am one of those rare people who only takes baths but getting in and out of our huge bath tub is just too hard with this belly so I took a shower last night and wasn't tired after I stepped, until G gets here showers it is.

4.  I am so good at keeping up with all of our memories.  I am up to date on printing my baby blogs.  My pregnancy journal is also up to date as well as the photo album I make for every year of our marriage.  I just finished the February page of our 3 year book.  All the parts of Georgia's baby book that I can fill out now have been done and my pregnancy photo album is also coming along very nicely!

Sample page from my Pregnancy Book:

Sample page from my Marriage Memory Book:

5.  Our 3D/4D ultrasound is THIS Saturday.  So excited!!!  I will for sure post pictures.


Amanda Klein said...

The 3D ultrasounds are so neat! Am I behind though - what's 4D?

Melanie said...

I was just wondering this week if you'd had your 3D ultrasound yet..can't wait to see the pictures!!

Sarah said...

I don't like Bank of America either. Someday we'll switch to a smaller local bank. They should be the ones putting up the money for your extra mortgage payment!

I LOVED taking baths when I was pregnant. I would do my meditation there to prepare for the birth :)

Rachel said...

You are seriously super organized and creative! Way to go on the Preg book! Welcome to the world of showers andd...I also hate Bank of America. I recently opened with BB&T and LOVE them.

Danielle said...

I hate B of A too!! They somehow forgot to send off our payment to the water company, even though it is set up every month to be paid, and our water was actually turned off for a day because we didn't realize it hadn't been paid. They should really fix their bill pay, I mean it is kinda important that our bills get paid on time and to the right people!

Rachel and John said...

I'm jealous of your spring weather! It's supposed to snow here all weekend!

meghan said...

I'm a bath person too. I love taking baths and wish we had a nice bathtub where we live now.


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