34 Weeks!

April 4, 2011

How far along?  34 weeks (6 to go...um, the baby books say I should be ready by now.  To bad I'm not.  We're getting there.)

Baby size:  4 3/4 lbs and nearly 18 inches (weight of a cantaloupe)

Total weight gain/loss:  +13 last appointment

Maternity clothes?  Yes, but not all the time.

Sleep:  My sleep hasn't really been changed much since being pregnant.  I just have to get up 1-2 times a night to use the restroom.

Best moment this week:  Making all of our baby shower returns.  My Target registry wasn't working too well and I ended up getting duplicates (3 and sometimes 4 times over) of a lot of little things.  It's fun having so many gift cards.

Movement:  She still moves a lot but I can tell she has slowed down just a bit.  She is still very active though.  I know she's running out of room.  Sometimes she'll push her little butt on one side and stretch her legs out the other...super uncomfortable.

Food cravings:  ehh...just thirsty a lot.  No real cravings.

What I miss:  I can't think of anything really.  All is good here :)

What I am looking forward to:  Right this minute, when people can comment on the size of my baby and not the size of my belly.  I'm pretty tired at this point of my pre-k kids saying, "why you have a big belly" or my third graders rubbing my tummy all day and telling my how big I've gotten.  Seriously, the same little girl tells me everyday how much bigger I look. 

Milestones:  Once you've reached 34 weeks a lot of the problems associated with preemies go away.  That's nice to know.  (says BabyCenter.com)  And, I can officially say that I'm due next month.  That's fun.

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Thirst, when I stretch in the morning I get calf cramps, BH contractions, occasional ligament and ab pain, strange hot/cold nerve sensation that goes down my right leg when I stand up and a very tired right leg sometimes, heart palpitations...all old news and nothing too bothersome.  Oh, and since I'm anemic they put me on a prescription iron supplement.  The lack of iron was why I was cold all the time...now, I have wonderful night time hot flashes.  Stupid iron pill.

Stretch Marks:  Not one!

Belly button:  My innie is still hanging on.  I don't know how much longer it can last really.

In other pregnancy news:  Two Sundays ago (I forgot to mention this last time) I was volunteering for a free prom event our church sponsors every year.  Well, all of the volunteers have cute black and hot pink matching aprons so we were taking a group shot.  We were trying to get the tall people in the back so I stood on the center row because I'm not tall or short.  A lady came and asked me to move to the back row since I was "larger" than everyone else.  Um...REALLY!  Everyone looked at her like, "did she really say that".  I don't think she meant it that way but it just came out wrong.  (As did half the things that came out of her mouth the rest of the day...some people have no filter AT ALL).  My sister in law turned around and laughed and said, "Emily, I think she just called you fat".  I cracked up and the lady whispered to someone, "I didn't think she heard me".  Yes, I heard you.  You were standing about 6 inches from my face.  I'm not deaf and mind you I was one of 3 preggers at the event and I think I'm the only one who was called "large" although I've only gained 13 pounds and I'm in my 8th month.  Oh, and I saw the picture.  You can only see half my face because the lady in front of me was actually taller than me.  Perfect.

Oh, and in the middle of class I had a third grader tells me in a very serious tone, "Mrs. Powell I really want to have children but I'm afraid it may hurt when the baby comes out."  I just looked at her and said, "we don't really need to discuss that right now."


Megan said...

You look glowing in that picture... maybe because you only have a month or so left! I am excited for your baby shower on Sunday, can't wait to see you again.

Jen said...

You look fantastic girl! I LOLed at the 3rd grader comment!

Tami said...

You really do look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful! :) I love the outfit you're wearing in that photo, too. When I was 34 weeks pregnant, I was so huge that I barely fit into maternity stuff!

The last few weeks of pregnancy are tough re: other people's comments. I remember having to bite my tongue A LOT when I would go to church ... "so, when are you having that baby?" ... "wow, you are HUGE!" ... all I really wanted to hear was "you're beautiful and I bet you can't wait to hold that baby girl."

Hang in there, mama!!!

Cassandra said...

oh my gosh. HA! I can not believe someone called YOU fat!!? You are the best looking pregnant woman I have ever saw! oh that just makes me laugh..I would hate to see what that lady would say to me when I'm prego..I am not going to look near as good as you do!

Lyndsey said...

You look so cute!

By the way - I'm ready for a nursery reveal!

Melanie said...

Oh the lovely comments people say to pregnant women!! You look GREAT and thats probably my favorite outfit you've modeled during your pregnancy! :-)


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