36 Weeks and Counting!

April 19, 2011

{sorry, 2 baby posts in one day}

Today, I had my 36 week appointment.  This one was a bit more eventful than my normal appointment because they had a girl high school student shadowing the doctor today.  She even took my blood pressure and it was super low today.  Yay me!  Hope she enjoyed observing the Group B test I got today ;) hahaha!

Other than the Group B test the dr. also felt around to give us an indication of little G's position.  My husband has been so curious and I was glad he asked.  The dr. said she is head down but still very high.  Her little booty is near my left ribs and knees go back down towards my belly button leaving space for her feet to constantly be in my right ribs.  She again said it felt like she was "standing up" meaning she doesn't really like to stay curled up and rather stretch out.  Also, she said Georgia felt very long.  If that's the case then she takes after me (22 in) and not Jonathan (18 in)...we shall see.

When I first laid down her heart rate was a little high but then settled down after about a minute.  I'm guessing it was my change of position.  I had been sitting on the exam table FOREVER because my dr. was late.  I guess delivering a baby trumps my 36 week appointment ;)  But, I'm glad I get to see my dr. every appointment even if she is a bit late.

That's all until my 37 week appointment :)


Kate said...

It's neat to read your updates, since we are due so close. I'm 36 weeks 3 days today. Here's to just a few more weeks until we get to meet our little ones!

IrishPrincess said...

excited for your little one to come! and i don't think anyone is complaining about 2 baby posts in one day!

cait said...

My doctor is always late...but like you, I always get to see her which I'm so thankful for because she's been wonderful since I first started seeing her. How funny that she's standing up. Too cute. hang in there...you're almost to the end!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, the time is nearing and I pray that all will go smoothly and uneventful. What a special time in you and your husbands lives. Easter blessings!

Rachel and John said...

Henry was like that at my 36 week visit too! Glad everything was going well!!

Callie Nicole said...

That's exciting that she's head down! I bet she'll drop within the next two weeks. You're getting so close now!


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