Georgia - Two Weeks

May 31, 2011

Sweet Georgia,

You've been here only 2 weeks and you've already taught me so much...mainly in the patience department.  You and I are both very strong willed but we're getting there.

Everything you do, you do to the extreme.  If you're asleep then you're out for a few hours, if you are hungry you chow down like we're starving you, if you want to cry you have a total meltdown.  I'm learning though little one and this week we've made big strides.

Two weeks has marked some big changes.  I've kind of figured out your schedule although as I write this you're mocking me by having a totally "off" day.  And, let me just say I in NO WAY have you on a schedule but I'm just beginning to understand yours.

A typical day with you goes something like this...although there really is no "typical" when you've only been around 14 days.

(Our day doesn't usually start at 9:50 but my record keeping for the hours prior to that time were a little hazy.)

9:50-10:48 Eat and Change
10:48-1:35 Sleep
1:40-2:30 Eat and Change
Miss Grumpy Pants won't nap
4:20-4:44 Eat and Change
4:46-6:45 Sleep
6:45-7:29 Eat and Change
7:30-9:40 Sleep
9:40-11:00 Eat and Change
Miss Grumpy Pants won't nap
12:20-1:00 Eat and Change
1:33-4:18 Sleep
4:20-4:56 Eat and Change
4:56-8:04 Sleep, for 2 weeks old you eat and sleep pretty well.  (In fact, the day after I wrote this schedule you slept 5 hours straight.  You're an over achiever at 2 weeks!)

This week we went to the grocery store for the first time (everyone loved you at the were a big hit!) and luckily I was able to get you to take your paci (which you're not a huge fan of) and it sustained you through the trip.  I get so nervous taking you out of the house because when you're fussy side comes out it is hard to calm you down.  You're not the heaviest sleeper (unless at home in your cradle) so the outside world is still a bit scary for me.  Although we did take you to Cold Stone and you slept the entire time but hated the car ride there and back.

You're still 100% on breast milk and I'm slowly starting to pump to build up a supply because honestly I find breastfeeding isolating and lonely...and you eat really slowly making it all the more difficult.  Although breastfeeding is hard I REALLY don't want to give you formula.  We'll see how long I can, an added bonus is that I now weigh less than before I got pregnant and you've only been here 2 weeks!  Woo hoo!

Oh, and you got mail for the first time from your cousin Zakary, you got a bib from my school, and a drawing a student of mine mailed to you.  You also received your social security card this're legit now.

The first few times you rode in the car you liked, not so much.  You also don't care for your swing or bouncer chair but as you get older and your vision matures I'm hoping that will change.  To continue with your dislikes you HATE to be swaddled.  If you can't get to your hands then you are not a happy camper.  We just gave it up.

You are such a wiggle worm that it is very difficult to take your picture!  Also, in this picture your face is ALL scratched up because I had just given you a bath and you were very angry and went crazy on me.


Lyndsey said...

sounds like miss thing does have a mind of her own but you're doing great!

i never tried to get Liam on a schedule either, i just let him make his own and it worked out for both of us but it takes a while. and gotta love those "off" days - they seem to come around at just the "right" times...or not.

keep it up with BFing, pumping really helps in my opinion both in keeping my supply up and keeping me sane because we can go and do things! it gets easier!

happy 2 week miss georgia!

Cecilly said...

she is so long! that's a pretty good schedule, we'll pray it stays pretty consistent as she grows, for mom and dad :)

Ryan V. said...

Sounds like a pretty good schedule! She sure is a cutie!! She looks very long in the second pic but sooo tiny in the car seat! lol (Love your car seat by the way!)

Kae* said...

Absolutely adorable! I am going to try to send off a little something for Miss Georgia this week! :) She is soo beautiful!

cait said...

She's such a cutie. Sounds like you're working pretty well with that strong-willed little gal. Isn't it funny what God will give us in our children...definitely traits to test our patience! Keep up the great work. She looks very healthy! :)

Natalie said...

she is adorable! good for you guys for getting out there even though it's scary! nice work, mama!

Tricia said...

You are much braver than I believe I'll be to go grocery shopping at 2 weeks. YIKES!

How are the "big dog" and "little dog" reacting to your the new addition?

Tami said...

Happy 2 Weeks Georgia! I think breastfeeding is one of the hardest things I've ever done! Like you, I don't want to give my sweet girl forumla so I'm pumping but it gets old too.

Rachel and John said...

happy 2 weeks georgia! Now the fun begins!!

CMae said...

so as a non mom I am curious to know about this breast feeding bit....Is it hard bec she takes so long? does it hurt? Details send me a line if baby love lets you get another min to blog :) hehe I have always swore I'd just bottle feed my kids (someday should I ever have any) ha I was bottle fed but mostly cuz I was allergic to all milk and barely kept soy down as a baby!

Meghan said...

A friend of mine gave me the best advice at the beginning when I seriously felt like the Dairy Queen open 24/7. She told me that by 2 months they eat sooo fast that it just takes a few mins. for them to empty you out. And the great news, she was right! I remember my feedings the first month and I would just stare at the clock waiting for my little guy to finish. Now it's sooo much easier. Hang in there! You're doing wonderfully.

Nicole said...

Awww, she's such a cutie!!!!


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