Questions to the Answers {1}

May 3, 2011

Whoa!  So many questions that I had to break them into different posts. 

Here is part one:

How did we decide on our daughter's name - Georgia Emiline:
First we decided on Georgia.  In the beginning it wasn't a name at the top of the list because I thought it was "too common" but it just felt right to us.  We've always loved the name.  Jonathan loves that a nickname for Georgia is "Peach" and I love the reference to the song and the artist Georgia O'Keeffe (since I have a degree in art history).  Emiline is a twist on my first name, Emily.  I am the 6th generation Emily in my family but I didn't like "Georgia Emily".  My maiden name is very french so I decided to go with a french alternative to the name Emily...and that would be Emmeline (pronounced Em-A-Line) but the spelling didn't really reference Emily to well.  I normally LOATH creative spellings but I decided on Emiline because it somewhat carried on the family name.

Did I always know I wanted to be a teacher/how did I decide on a career:
Ok, this is the worst thing for a teacher to say but I honestly became a teacher because with my degree (art history) teaching art had the highest salary of all my options.  I knew I wouldn't want a desk job and to work in a museum (and make any money) I would have to have additional degrees.  So, I picked teaching art.  BUT I do LOVE teaching art and I knew I would love it, but I'm not the type of person who went into teaching expecting to change the world.  I love giving children a creative outlet and seeing them realize "it doesn't have to be perfect" to be good art.  They always love that concept but it takes them awhile to get it.

How did my husband and I meet:
My husband and I met the summer before 7th grade when I moved to the Houston area.  We went to the same church and the same middle school.  We started dating 2 days before I turned 15 (our 9th grade year) and the rest is history :)  You can read the full story HERE!

How did I come to know the Lord:
Good question because I haven't actually thought about this for awhile.  I grew up going to church every sunday and in second grade I went to talk to my pastor about being baptized and instead of really talking he gave me a book, told me to read it, and then come back.  I didn't read it and that was the end of that because he honestly scared me off.  To me, at the time, reading a book meant he would ask me questions and I didn't want to get them wrong.  So, I waited and waited and just put it off because I was too scared to walk to the front of the church and the pastor already scared me once.  When we moved from the Dallas area to the Houston area (the summer before 7th grade) we joined a new church and I joined through baptism even though it was a decision I made when I was about 7.

Where do I get all of my "cute" clothes:
This question is very flattering!  (Thanks Callie!)  Most of my dresses come from Old Navy or Target (mainly because I live about 5 minutes from both).  I love dresses so I buy them most often and in the Houston heat and humidity they are just perfect.  Other places I shop are Gap and Forever 21.  I tend to buy more trendy items from Target or Forever 21 because of the price.  So, when they go out of style it's not a big deal because I didn't spend that much on them to begin with.  When looking for classic items (nice pants, nicer dresses...etc.) I'm willing to spend more because they will last longer.  Over all though I don't like to spend a lot on clothes.  My guilty pleasure would be J.Crew.

Right now I want to buy more maxi dresses.  After G is born I'm sure I will wear even more dresses than I already do to hide my baby body.

These are just a few I like from Forever21

Has pregnancy changed my mind on how far apart I want my future children:
In short, no.  I've always wanted my kids to be a minimum of 3 years apart and preferably 4.  Jonathan and I are both the youngest in our family and together we have 8 nieces and nephews so we've seen first hand a lot of the challenges that come along with parenting.  Also, the past nine months it's been harder to watch my nieces and nephews because I get tired much easier and it's harder to pick them up or I just can't.  I've always said I could NEVER have my kids every 2 years like so many people space them.  Imagining being pregnant and having a child under 2 has never been something that was appealing to me (morning sickness and the lack of energy in the first trimester alone seems like torture not to mention adding a 1 year old to the mix) and on the other hand thinking about welcoming a new baby into the world with a 2 year old at home just seems stressful!  So, being pregnant has just solidified for me that for Jonathan and I our children should be spaced further apart than is the trend these days.  I also have always liked the idea of one child being off at preschool or mother's day out when a new baby comes.  The first baby gets SO much one on one time with mom and I think all the other babies deserve that same one on one time.  This will leave us in the "baby stage" at our house for longer...meaning we'll have tons of baby gear around for awhile but I think that's ok.

Stay tuned for part II!


Chloe said...

Loved your answers!!
You've been together since such a young age!! Cute!

Rachel said...

Very sweet answers. I always love these type of "get to know you" posts.

Have a great Tuesday!

Kae* said...

Oh thank you :) I love how you came up with the name, and getting to know you better too through the rest of the questions :)

Kit said...

I love these!!! I love the meaning behind Georgia's name :)

Callie Nicole said...

Thanks for answering my questions! I like reading these posts. :-)

Jamie said...

Loved learning more about you!


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