What's Been Going On?

May 13, 2011

Here is what's new around here:

We got our first "measurable" rain since January!

The puppies enjoying the cool breeze that came with the rain.  Then, I was forced to close the window because it was raining too hard :(

  My mom gave me a new Scentsy and a cute tin/basket thingy.

Homemade pineapple/strawberry scones :)

Pax learned how to open up his outdoor toys.  This box is canvas wrapped on a metal frame and was perfect until one of J's friends sat on it...sad day.  Now, it's falling apart!

Perry goes CRAZY on the soccer ball!

I joined Pinterest and you should join Pinterest too!  It's addicting...really!  Click HERE to see my account and become a follower!  My user name is edupuispowell.

Happy Friday!


Rachel and John said...

I love me a good rain storm!!

Mason's Mama said...

Love that Scentsy warmer. Wish I had that color in my home :) Pinterest is so fun! http://pinterest.com/masonsmama525/

kendrasue said...

That Scentsy pot is really cute. I just bought my first one and should get it soon. I'm excited!

Kristen said...

Glad y'all got some rain! We're still waiting down here. Those scones look and sound delicious!!!
Oh! And I'm going to do the Who Am I post tomorrow...so much fun!

Tricia said...

So I'm sure you've gotten this question before and answered it, but I've looked all over and can not find the answer! While looking at the pictures of your beautiful dogs, I was wondering: do you have any idea what breed Pax is? Is he a mix or just some interesting purebred I've never seen? His look is just so cool!


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