Date Night

June 4, 2011

Hello Blog-world,

Last night my mom and dad left me with Nana.  She was my first babysitter.  They said it was because they were going on a "date night" or something.

When they came home they told me they went out to eat on the lake, took the recycling, went to the grocery store, and to Target...I think they had a good time but I'm sure they would have enjoyed themselves even more if I had gone with them.

My mom forgot to tell Nana that I hadn't pottied all day!  Good thing Nana knew where my extra clothes were because as soon as my mom walked out the door I had a HUGE explosion that ruined my new got off easy on that one.  Nana, not so much.

Thanks Nana!  Let's do it again sometime!

 & Georgia


Olivia said...

congrats on your date night, cute entry and adorable photo. :)

Lyndsey said...

Yay for date night and grandmother's! Both are a very nice thing to have!

cait said...

Aw I'm sure she loved her time with her Nana. And good for you all getting out for a date night already! :)

Megan said...

Love this story! I bet Georgia was just waiting to give a gift to her Nana!


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