Georgia - 3 Weeks

June 7, 2011

Miss Georgia,

You are 3 weeks old today and boy has this been a week of learning for me!  Turns out you aren't "Miss Grumpy Pants" you're "Miss Hungry Pants"!  After fighting nearly every bedtime with you and trying to understand why you screamed so much I decided to pump to see exactly how much you were getting at a feeding.  (Yes, I know breastfeeding is more efficient than pumping but it gives me an estimate.)

So, via process of experimentation I figured out I only produce about half the amount of milk you actually eat...this is why you would latch on, feed FOREVER, and then scream while latched on...because you were hungry but my body had nothing left to give you.

How much do you eat exactly...A LOT!  Starting at 2 weeks you can down as much as 4 oz per feeding and you have 8 feedings usually within a 24 hour period.  Sometimes you'll take less than 4 and sometimes you'll take a bit more.  Most 2-3 week olds are eating 2-3 oz per feeding so you're a hungry hippo that I just CANNOT keep up with.  At your 2 week appointment I talked about the amount you eat with your dr. and she said it is totally normal and I'm only over feeding you if you spit it up (which you don't).  She said as long as your not spitting it up then you're still hungry.  The only time you even spit up is if you eat too fast and I don't burp you enough.

I pump now every 3 hours and give you everything I  can pump but I am forced to supplement.  So within a 24 hour period half your meals are breast milk and half are formula.  This new strategy has turned you into a different baby!  At first I was really disappointed by having to supplement but I really didn't feel like putting my body through different ways to increase my supply and then have it not even work.  It's best for you to be full so you can grow and the only way it's possible to do that is to I really don't have a choice.  It took me awhile but I'm ok with it now.

So, you eat 4 oz (a 2 oz bottle of breastmilk and a 2 oz bottle of formula) every 4 hours.  Your naps during the day are usually 2 hours and at night you usually go for a good 4-5 hour stretch.  For 3 weeks I'm not complaining!

Full and happy

Full and happy turns into food coma

Enough on food...

You're starting to like your swing more these days now that you can focus better and you can tolerate tummy time a little better.  You love tummy time on my chest but you're not as fond of tummy time on the floor.

We take you out all the time now.  You've been to the mall, Target, my brother's house who lives about 30 minutes away, church, Jonathan's school, twice to the dr. and on a mostly sleep through all of our outings.

On the way to the dr.

After the heel prick...very traumatic 

Back asleep at Target

First walk!

Before church.  You were so good...even though other people were holding you most of the time.

I just know you are on the verge of giving us your first real (non gas/sleep related) smile.  I talk to you after you eat and you make a ton of faces so I'm pretty sure a smile is coming!

You sleep A TON which I love but you still have 2 fussy times a day.  Usually mid morning (sometime before noon) and late evening (around 10:30 or 11)...other than that you eat, play, and sleep on a consistent cycle until it's dark.  Then we cut out the play and insert more sleep :)


Jane Marie said...

She is so precious! I love the name you guys chose and you look fantastic for just having a baby! All of your pictures are so sweet! xoxo


Emily said...

Emily, she is precious! I love how much hair she has :) You look great too, I would never know you had a baby 3 weeks ago!

Tiff said...

Sweet Georgia! She is so pretty! I love her big bow!! :)

Kae* said...

Awww! I love the update! :) I love those beautiful eyes!

Natalie said...

Wow, I can't believe she is 3 weeks! Time must be flying for you!

Ryan V. said...

Love the update! Georgia is so precious! I love her big eyes and her soft blonde hair!! What a sweetie! You look great by the way! Don't worry about having to supplement with is great you are doing what's best for baby and baby was hungry!! :) Keep us updated! Love all the pics!

chloë. said...

Aww happy three weeks! It's amazing how quickly it goes - my baby boy will be a month on Friday!

And I love the little outfits you put her girly and precious <3

Jen said...

She's adorable! Carter is on the same food schedule as her; 4-5 oz every 4 hours! Hungry babies we have!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

What a cute post! The first month is all about "figuring things out" and sounds like you are doing a good job of that.

She's a little sweetheart! Blessings to you!

Missy Schranz said...

Emily, I made you and your husband a little album about Georgia. I emailed it to you with the email in your profile. Please let me know when you get it. Thank you! :0)
God bless,

cait said...

You sound like such a pro already at this Mommy thing! Georgia is too her assortment of headbands! :)

On a side note--How do you like your stroller so far that you show in your "first walk" pic?

Nicole said...

Too cute!!!

Callie Nicole said...

Sh'es a cutie! Don't feel bad about supplementing - you do what you gotta do. and I don't balme you for not wanting to do all the supplements and stuff to get your supply up - it doesn't seem like it would be too good for your hormone balance, at least that's what I'd be worried about.

She looks so tiny in her car seat!


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