Surviving the Hospital

June 16, 2011

...and looking good and having fun while doing it!

I didn't want to look back at my hospital pictures and look frumpy and tired even though that was how I felt.  And, I also didn't want my hospital experience to be a bad one.  Here are some of my tips.

* Fix your hair and makeup.  I bought travel size make up and waterproof mascara as well as a travel sized brush and deodorant.  I still looked pretty tired but at least I tried!

* Ditch the hospital gown.  I wore two button down night shirts from Victoria's Secret.  They were cute and comfy but the nurses could still come "check" on you after the birth the same as if you were wearing a hospital gown.  Plus, they were breastfeeding friendly.  As soon as I was moved to the recovery room I changed out of the hospital gown.

* Bring flip flops and house shoes.  I wore the flip flops in the shower and the house shoes to walk around the room.  I even brought my favorite pair of socks.

* Layer!  Sometimes hospitals are cold but then you may get a hormonal hot flash.  I brought my bath robe and that helped to keep me warm but was easy to take off when I got too hot.  Tell the hubs to do the same.

* Bring a strapless dress.  When I got tired of wearing PJ's I put on a strapless swimsuit cover up with a cute cardigan.  It was still breastfeeding and nurse checking on you friendly but cute and comfy at the same time.  Mine was from Target.

* Baby items.  I brought my boppy and a receiving blanket and used them the entire time I was in the hospital.  I also brought Georgia her own clothes to wear and her own hats.  Much cuter than the hospital attire.

* Bring your own food and try to remember to eat.  Luckily my mom brought me the yummiest homemade banana bread when I was in the hospital because it was pretty much the only thing I ate while I was in the hospital.  I could hardly remember to eat at all and I never felt hungry.  I guess I just had too much going on.  The hospital food looked DISGUSTING so our parents brought us food for every meal during our stay.

* Bring a piece of scrap book paper for your guests to sign!  It's a fun little memento :)

* In my opinion it was a waste of space to bring a magazine and my ipod.  My labor went too fast to use them and we had too many visitors afterwards for them to be of any use.  I did however use my laptop and charger as well as my phone charger and camera charger.

* Make sure there is a good place for dad to sleep and that he has some snacks.  I couldn't eat and it didn't bother me when J did.

* Bring your own pillow!  I have a memory foam pillow that I love so I was sure to bring it along to make sleeping that much easier.

* AND, same as my last "Surviving" post, a supportive husband.  Jonathan was great while I was in the hospital.  He kept me entertained and happy, helped me sleep when my epidural made me shake terribly, always had my water bottle filled up, reminded me to eat once I was allowed to, helped unplug all my machines and drag my IV to the bathroom when I had to go name it and he probably did it.  Thanks Jonathan!

...that's all I can think of at the moment.

Hey you have any other tips?  Anything you packed that was a waste or something you wish you would have brought?  If so, leave a comment for all the other moms to be!


Brittney Galloway said...

Love this! I'd bring myown towels to the hospital the next time... the ones at ours were really tiny and since nurses were constantly coming in and out i felt like I had to run and get dressed ASAP! Also, we brought our own pillows and blanket, since the sheets at the hospital were so flimsy. Our hospital didn't provide any food (at all!) so that was a big challenge.

AbbyS. said...

My husband brought a blow up bed/materess and it was wonderful for him. I had a c-scetion and he stayed every night so at least he got some sleep. I did not bring my own clothes or clothes for the baby but this time I will be! Thanks for the Vickies tip! I will be checking out those shirts.

Mallorie said...

These posts are WONDERFUL! :-) Thank you so much for posting them!

Dreams2011 said...

I just bookmarked this post :) I'm due in November and will be needing these tips! You and baby looked beautiful! :)

Jaquelyn J Boden said...

I'm due on September 5th and we're doing it naturally in a birth center. First, congrats on your new addition! I just can;t wait for ours. :) It sounds like you had your head on straight as a hospital/epi birther! :D The list we have for our "birth bag" is found on the Brio Birth website (which is the classes we are taking)... . It looks like you had a lot of the things I'll be bringing!

Callie Nicole said...

Good tips, but I disagree about the iPod - I was really glad I had mine, it was a good distraction for the night before when I felt completely miserable, and for between contractions. Plus my music helped calm me down when I started getting anxious about getting the pitocin started.
Completely agree about the water proof mascara and fixing your hair and makeup - I wanted to look good to meet my baby! :-)

Anne said...

What great tips! I need to save this link for when it's my turn in the hospital! I love that you were able to wear shirts from VS and stuff instead of a hospital gown. I've always fretted about my labor/birth pics too because *everybody* wants to see them and I don't want to look awful! You looked great!!

Ryan V. said...

Great tips! I'll be bookmarking this page for future use! :)

cait said...

How did I miss this post? Thanks so much for sharing your tips...definitely bookmarking this for my hospital stay! How many outfits did you pack for Georgia?


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