June 18, 2011

We were finally able to book a summer vacation with Jonathan's crazy summer schedule.  He's a mentor teacher at his school now and has to travel a lot this summer to learn about new cirriculum.  I'm so proud of him.  In a time when so many Texas teachers are losing their jobs my hubs gets a huge raise.  He's amazing!

Anyways, Jonathan and I, my mom and step-dad, my brothers and sister in law, plus my neice and nephew are going to the Caribe Resort in Orange Beach, AL.  I CANNOT wait!  We are renting the four bedroom penthouse and it is going to be so much fun!  Especially since it will be baby G's first family vacation.

In honor of going on vacation I went to the Gap the other day (like my 4th time to go in a week) and finally found some summer essentials.

I bought a pair of shorts.

And, a swimsuit.

And speaking of summer vacation, my blog is taking a vacation as well.  See you in about a month!  I need a break from the internet!

Oh, and if you're interested take a look at my "Goals" tab.  That's what I'll be working on during my interent break!


Ms. Chianne said...

Hope you guys have fun on your vacation! Be safe! :)

Jamie said...

Cute shorts and suit! Have a wonderful vacation!

Michelle said...

Have fun! We'll actually be down in Orange beach in about a month too!

Nicole said...

Have a great vacation!!!!


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