Goals Update

July 23, 2011

Here is an update to my summer goals list:

italics = in process
strike through = done!

*Go on a walk every day with Georgia (that the weather allows)

*See the Titian Exhibit at the MFA Houston
*Lose all the baby weight
*Learn to make my own baby headbands

*Clean the carpet
*Go on a family vacation (Gulf Shores!)
*Learn to make my own baby leg warmers
*Order my pregnancy book
*Finish printing pictures for pregnancy journal
*Work on Georgia's baby book
*Make a photo book for the day Georgia was born
*Fill the empty living room wall
*Put away all my maternity clothes
*Turn the office closet into a craft closet
*Re-organize the laundry room and "spruce" it up a bit
*Organize the master closet/donate clothes
*Organize Georgia's room better
*Re-do my night stand area so it's more functional
*Order our 3 year anniversary book
*Make and order Georgia's birth announcements
*Print blog books
*Begin printing Georgia's blog posts
*Start making a photo book for G's first year
*Learn how to make onsie iron ons
*Finish the window treatments in G's room
*Do first semester lesson plans
*Organize built in hall way desk
*Re-do travel photo wall
*Clean out front bedroom
*Learn how to use my monogrammer
I should be able to finish these before summer and have a new set to finish off 2011!


Sarah said...

How do you do your blog books? I want to print my blog yearly, but haven't found a way that lets me print the whole thing with the pictures and everything- without going through and formatting the whole thing.

Kae* said...

Awesome! You are doing really good on your summer goals! :)

Jamie said...

Looks like you're doing a great job of checking off your goals :)

Joeylee said...

seems like your doing a great job. love the headband


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