Free Baby!

August 30, 2011

I posted this yesterday but I'm still linking up with JAMIE because who doesn't love FREE stuff?!

I was recently contacted by to do a review of their product.  I was given an 8x10 canvas of Georgia's 3 month picture.  I had just ordered a canvas of one of her newborn pictures (from a different company) so I was thrilled when I recieved the offer from so that I could compare the quality and value of 2 different companies.

I LOVED all the options gave and the website was very user friendly.  They even had a few editing options which would be fun to use in the future.  I will for sure use them again for printing off G's 6, 9, and 12 month pictures on canvas!

When I mentioned above that I ordered G's newborn canvas that was also FREE.  I got an email with a promo code to use at check out to get it for FREE!  It was free so I can't really complain but it was not from so they didn't have many options or editing tools so I would not use them again to order a canvas.  The canvas I recieved from them was not nearly as good of quality.  The edges and corners did not lay flat and the image quality was not on the same level as

See, the edges from the "other company" are pretty sloppy.

So, now our hallway looks like this.  Imagine her 6 month picture below her 3 month, her 9 month above the "G", and her 12 month below it.

AND, a few weeks back I got an email with a promo code for a free 8x8 hard back photo book from Shutterfly.  I used it to make our "Vacation Book" like I do every year and I love it.  Although, I don't really like the Shutterfly book program.  It wasn't working correctly and it took me FOREVER to make a 20 page book.  BUT it was free so it was worth the extra effort!

I also have enough Pampers points to get 2-8x10's, 4-5x7's, and 50-4x6 prints from Shutterlfy!  I will be ordering pictures of Georgie of course!  SWEET!

S C O R E !!!  Who doesn't love free things?!


Shae said...

I love Pampers points! I just got my little boy's First Year book from Shutterfly. They always have great promos. I didn't have a problem making mine, though. Must have been a glitch.
Great deals you got there. Love the canvases! Georgia is a doll.

Lyndsey said...

I must be missing out because I have no idea what Pampers points are!

I'm doing a product review for a canvas photo soon too, and I hope it comes out as cute as G's did!

Natalie said...

i LOVE how canvas prints look! I am planning on getting one for above our fireplace after baby is born!

Blissfully Burton said...

What is Pampers Points? I need to get on that!

Megan @

tara said...

i love easy canvas prints! the canvas you got looks great! such a precious pic!

Katie said...

The canvas prints are beautiful! Such a sweet little thing:) Have a happy Wednesday!

Texas Tanners said...

What gorgeous prints....perhaps it's the cutie in the photo that makes them so great! Will for sure be looking into those. LOVE the shutterfly it even more that you took your vacation in Gulf Shores. No place better than the redneck riviera! LOVE your blog, I am your newest follower!!

Anonymous said...

seriously baby G is the cutest little girl ever!

Emily said...

Loving all of your freebies!! :) The hallway looks fantastic! Your blog is just too cute, and so is little Miss Georgia! Have a great Wednesday!

Kae* said...

oh! G is so beautiful! love the canvas pics! Great idea!


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