Georgia - Three Months

August 17, 2011


You are three months old today!  I just can't believe the adorable little person you are turning in to!  I told Jonathan the other day that I think I'm becoming obsessed with you...haha.

Here is a glimpse at what you are doing right now.

Sleep:  You sleep anywhere from 7-10 hours every night.  Seven if you've had a rough day (growth sprut) and 10 if you've had a great day but it's usually 8-9.  You take 4 naps during the day.  You typically take an hour nap, followed by another hour nap, then you take a 3 hour nap, and your last nap of the day is another hour nap.  Between your naps you stay awake anywhere form 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours.  On occasion you've stayed awake 3 straight hours but that is rare.  Whenever I go to get you from your naps as soon as you see my face you light up with a big goofy smile.  So cute!

(Jonathan and I were both cleaning so Georgia didn't want to miss out!)

Eat:  You still eat about every 2.5 hours which is a lot.  You typically eat 5 oz.  Usually two times a day you'll eat a bit more.  Obviously you go longer than 2.5 hours between eating during your long nap of the day and at night.  Your last two bottles of the day I put rice cereal in.  I've been doing that since you were about 5 weeks old.  I put in about 1 teaspoon per 5 oz.  I'm not sure if it helps you sleep longer at night or not but I don't want to stop and find out!

Milestones:  You roll over very easily (most of the time...if you want to) from front to back and you're trying so hard to roll from back to front and to sit up.  You do spit up A LOT so I try not to keep you on your tummy for too long...same with the Bumbo.  You always spit up when sitting in it.  You LOVE to stand up.  You don't want to sit but to stand.  Your chunky frame makes my non muscular arms TIRED but luckily you really enjoy your Jumparoo so my arms get a break!  You've laughed before but now you really laugh.  It's adorable to hear your little giggles...but they are still not belly laughs.  We get the most laughs from you by propping you up in front of the mirror.  You love to look and talk to yourself.  Makes you giggle every time :)  You easily recognize me and your dad and are really good at following us (or Perry) around the house with your eyes.  You also talk a lot and make tons of noise.  A lot of your sounds sound like you are saying, "Hello".  I need to get it on video before you stop doing it because it is hysterical.



Emily said...

Emily, she is just precious! You can really see how much she is growing through these photos, and I love her pink headband! Can you even believe she is 3 months old already!?

Lyndsey said...

Happy 3 months G!

Love the collage of faces :)

Kelli said...

Wow, three months went by fast! I love all her funny expressions. She loves the camera, and it loves her right back!

Michelle said...

So beautiful and precious! I agree, it doesn't seem like she should be three months already!

Ryan V. said...

3 months already!!? She is growing so fast. I bet you're glad to have a great sleeper! I love that picture of Georgia with the pup! I was just noticing, did you have to get rid of your other dog? Or did something happen? Sorry if I missed it in a post somewhere...just wondering. I like how you document her by month and I was wondering how you overlay text on your pictures. Do you use picnic or something like that? I have a mac, so if you use something on mac, that would be nice!

Kae* said...

Happy 3 months miss Georgia!

She is so adorable!

Joeylee said...

Happy 3 months
she is adorable!

Kelli Kegley said...

She's so sweet! Sounds like she is going to be a busy girl if she is already moving around so much!

Question. What program did you use to compile all of those pictures at the beginning? I have tried to do something like that a few times and it looks great in the program, but you would need bifocals to actually see it on the blog. So frustrating!

cait said...

Happy 3 months to Georgia! Love that collage of pictures! :)


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