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August 8, 2011

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1.  I had a GREAT weekend although I took NO pictures!  One of my besties, Jaclyn came to town for our friend from college's wedding shower.  The shower was adorable Megan...when we FINALLY made it there after being lost for an hour! haha!

Here is Jaclyn and I from college.  This picture made me SERIOUSLY miss seeing her everyday.  I love you Jaclyn!  Probably not the best picture of us since you can't even see our faces but we have so many pictures of us where we are just cracking up...who knows about what :)

2.  I made a family binder and I love it!  Some of the pages I made, some are from Pinterest, and some I googled to find.  I'm not 100% done with it but it's close enough.  Here are a few glimpses into our family binder.

Here is the break down of the entire binder. 

Pencil pouch and cover sheet
Contact info:  Doctor's numbers, work numbers and addresses, business cards
Home:  Monthly DIY to do list, any home maintenance
Daily:  Home cleaning schedule, to do lists, birthday calender, summer-spring-holiday photo check lists
Finance:  Bills, budgets
Food:  Menu and shopping lists, to go menus, numbers to order pizza
Away from home:  All info for babysitters, dog sitter notes
Jonathan:  Work - football - travel schedules
Gifts:  Christmas gift buying schedule, Christmas gift wish list, Valentine's day gift ideas, Birthday gift ideas, Anniversary ideas
Date nights:  A folder to hold our 12 planned date nights (More on that later!)
Ideas:  Vacation ideas, blog ideas, Georgia's first birthday ideas

3.  Georgia LOVES bath time!

4.  What do I do when Georgia starts crying? (it was nap time!)  Take a picture of course!  Haha!  I love this face...I think it's so cute and I crack up every time she starts crying and turns that little lip down!

5.  I made this for our living room (I think I'm going to print it for our collage wall that I've yet to make!)

10-25-00 Jonathan and I started dating
4-13-07 We got engaged
7-19-08 Got married
9-10-10 Found out I was pregnant
5-17-11 Georgia was born

I LOVE it!


Cassandra said...

1. I just so happened to be checking out Megan's blog last week (don't know how I came across it, but it wasn't through you) and saw your picture on there and thought, "woah! thats Emily!" crazy small world.

2. LOVE that binder! I am trying to do a similar "folder" do you have some of the pages under a pin board on Pinterest? Do you know where you got a lot of your templates? I've been looking but always end up at etsy where they make you buy them.

3. Georgia's cry face is too cute for words!

4. WOW! very cool! love that idea! Did you take all the pictures yourself? Will you keep them all together and put them all in one big frame, or use different frames for each date?


capperson said...

1. I love the binder!! Cute idea!
2. I really LOVE the collage. :)
3. And Georgia's crying face is adorable!!

Meghan said...

I'm going to shadow all of Cassandra's questions above... but I would love to know the pin links for some of those organizers. I love the menu/grocery planner. I've found some on pinterest but I like the one you found even better! Also, I would LOVE a tutorial for how you made that numbers picture. What an amazing idea! Thanks for the inspiration as always.

Amanda said...

your binder is awesome!!!! what a great place to keep all the important stuff in one place. plus it's super cute! :)

Natalie said...

i made a home binder a few months ago too and LOVE it-it keeps me so organized! i have been meaning to blog about it as well :)
I love your collage-how fun!

Tami said...

Too funny- one of my projects this week is to get our home organization binder put together. I will definitely be referencing your list when I put mine together.

Ms. Chianne said...

Can you come up to Tennessee and help me get organized lol!

Amanda said...

love that numbers thing!! adorable!!

The Sweet Life said...

I absolutely love the collage. So cool. Your daughter is precious and I love her name.

Tiffany said...

So glad you had such a great weekend! I really need to get organized and make a family binder too. I bought a binder last week for recipes but I haven't done that little project either. :) And so glad you had so much fun with Jaclyn! We all need girl time! It's good for the soul. :)

Kae* said...

love the binder and the number collage! :)

chezjolly said...

You have a lovely blog!! We can’t wait to see your future posts. Check out our beautiful shop sometime. Have a wonderful day!
Xoxo Jessica & Holly

Mallorie said...

LOVE the binder...I am so inspired...I just started making mine! :-) I'm so excited!

Jamie said...

Love the binder, those sweet pictures of Georgia, and the date picture!

Jaclyn Meeks said...

A)Thanks for the shout out! Maybe I'll have a blog one day that you can link to. B)Love the binder! C)I miss Georgia and her precious little faces..I'm about to put up some cute pics of her! D)The numbers turned out great! E)I had a blast this weekend, and I love you like crazy!!

Amanda said...

I love the date collage! What a great idea! Georgia is a couple of days older than my baby girl, Mallory. You are so creative - hopefully I can start being more creative too!

Cherie {Elliemae Ink} said...

Love the collage idea.
It is fantastic!!

cMe said...

Totally crazy, I found out I was pregnant on the same date! My little Georgia was born 5-20.


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