Three Years and Twenty-Six

August 27, 2011

Our 3 year anniversary:
July 19th

I totally missed posting about this because Jonathan was out of town on our actual anniversary so the post just didn't get written about how we celebrated.  Jonathan's parents babysat for us and we went to eat on the lake.  I worried about G all night and totally ruined the date (I hate when I ruin things...ugh!) but looking back Jonathan and I got to have a lot of good talks because of my worry so it was ok in the end.

We tried to catch up on our traditional anniversary gifts since we never have done them before.  Year 1 is paper, 2 is cotton, and 3 is leather.  I got Jonathan a leather photo album filled with pictures of G for his classroom (leather and paper) and a few shirts (cotton).  He got me a dress (cotton) and a leather prayer journal (leather and paper).  We also always count our vacation as part of our anniversary gift...that's why we always go in July.  This year we just were not big into gifts because Push Present and Mother's Day were both in May, Father's Day was in June, our anniversary was in July, and J's b-day is August.  Too many gifts back to back to back to be creative.

Jonathan's 26th b-day:
August 21

I also didn't post about this #1 because his birthday was on baby dedication so he didn't want to make a big deal about it and #2 it took us until the weekend after to be able to celebrate because we tried to go out to eat once with G and that didn't turn out so well (G just DID NOT want to celebrate her dad's birthday...babies just have bad days sometimes) so we got my mom to babysit and went out again!  We went to dinner and right back home because again, G was putting on quite a show for my mom and step dad.  We have never really gone out around her bed time and probably won't again for a LONG time.  Turns out she just wanted her mama REAL bad.  My poor baby!

I'm terrible and didn't get pictures of either.  I wouldn't say either one of these events were anywhere near successful but as is the life of a first time parent : /

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Kelli said...

Don't feel bad about ruining your first date...I did the same thing. I think it's probably normal/unavoidable. We'll do better each time (I hope)!


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