August 3, 2011

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Today I'm loving all the GOODIES my mom brought over the other day!

She hit up a sale at Talbots.

She got me these precious shoes and belt.  I LOVE THEM!  The shoes were originally 120$ but she got them for 30 and the belt was originally 60 and she got it for 10!  AMAZING!

She bought me a denim jacket for 17$  but it was originally 90 and a lovely sweater that was originally 80 but she got it for 15$.  She got some STEALS I tell ya'!  Both of these will help me transition all of my summer clothes to fall.  I have like NO fall clothes since I was pregnant last year and only interested in flowy dresses and skirts...I wore leggings EVERYDAY last fall and winter.

She also gave me this fun cup.  I had been wanting one like this.

Also, every time she comes over she brings other things.  The past two weeks she has brought me 6 bottles of shower gel, a pack of dish tabs, baby wipes, tons of Kleenex, toilet paper and, paper towels.

Thanks mom :)

Oh, and my first installment of Project 52 is tomorrow!  Join in if you wish!!!  (See my tab up top for details.)


Meghan said...

My mom is the same way! Every time she comes over she has something in hand that she's picked up for me or our little guy. So blessed to have such loving Mommas!

Cassandra said...

I LOVVEE those shoes!!! Im such a natural color person I really would wear those shoes out this fall!

ps. CANNOT wait until Project 52 tomorrow!

Amanda said...

wow you got some amazing deals! i love mom! haha! i love my cup like that. i use it all the time!

Allison said...

How nice of her! She got some amazing deals and I love the shoes.

Ryan V. said...

Don't you just love moms!? They are the best. Is your mom an extreme couponer or something! haha wow, some great deals. I am really loving those shoes!!

Kelli Kegley said...

What a good mom! Where did she get that cup? It looks like it is double walled and I have been looking for one of those. They don't sweat, which I love!

I'm going to join in on the project...can't wait!

cait said...

Love those shoes!! Aren't moms the best?! My mom is always spoiling us! I have a cup similar to yours and LOVE it!! It goes with me everywhere and sits on my desk every day at school. Great fall clothes!

Anonymous said...

I love the jean jacket! I wanna find one! Happy Wednesday!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

You got some great deals! I LOVE the shoes...too cute!


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