A Day in the Life

September 24, 2011

Here is our Friday
{Sorry, I feel like it's pretty detailed}

7:16 - Georgia wakes up talking (as always!) on the baby monitor (went to bed at 8:00) so I get up, give her Prevacid, and she eats 6.5 oz (her new standard).

We play, read books (her new favorite thing to chew on), and talk.  She jumps in her Jumperoo.  I clean a few bottles, put dirty dishes in the dishwasher, eat a bowl of cereal, feed Perry, water the tree in the back yard, and watch DVRed Grey's Anatomy.

(Her onsie was a gift from a friend.  Pretty cute.)

8:30 - I fed Georgia her breakfast.  Rice cereal mixed with fresh banana

9:05 - Georgia goes down for nap #1.  It usually doesn't come until about 9:20 but she usually doesn't go down for the night until 8:30 or 8:45 so our day is running a bit early because of her early bedtime last night.  Her typical night time sleep is now 11 straight hours.

I folded and put away a load of laundry and put another load in the drier  Then, I painted my finger nails, picked up the living room a bit, made G's bottles, posted a blog, made the bed, unloaded the drier (friday is laundry day) and emailed Jonathan at work.

11:10 - I eat my lunch.  Homemade lasagna (left overs) made with ground turkey.  The hubs of course...

Then, I send a few more emails

11:25 - I decide I should probably get dressed by now and out of the PJ's.  A maxi dress, a quick messy braid, a touch of make up and my favorite earrings and we're done!  Pretty lazy, I know.

11:50 - Sign into Netflix and start watching The Tudors.  I feel like I've been productive enough at this point in the day to watch some more "TV".  When Georgia is towards the end of her naps I don't like to start things I know I won't be able to finish (hence, the reason I do so much when I first put her down) so TV or internet is what I usually occupy myself with until she is up.

12:05 - More talking on the baby monitor means The Peach is awake.  I fed her 6.5 oz and then change her diaper.

Then, I plop her down in her bouncy chair while she talks to the TV and let her food settle before we play and I do some more laundry.

I put her on the floor on her back and within 2 seconds she's on her tummy looking at all her toys.  I go in the kitchen and come back and she is now planted her face into her toys with this strange army crawl thing she does now.  She also sticks her butt up in the air and pulls her knees up under her like she is trying to crawl.

12:50 - We load up to take the recycling and run by CVS for some candy!  The whole car ride is filled with Georgia talking, blowing raspberries, chewing on her spoon, and beating up her Gentle Giraffe.  She has become such a good little car rider.

1:50 - We get home and play on the floor while I eat my candy.

...at this point I think Georgia is up to about 1000 kisses so far.  I LOVE her chubby cheeks!

Here is a video of just a portion of our play time!  I love her silly personality!  Sorry, it's a really long video (as in, may take a while to load!) and probably really boring to most people.  Ignore my really loud voice and the fact that you can't even tell Georgia is blowing raspberries and that you can hardly hear her little sounds.  And, her un lady like behavior at the end...

2:40 - Georgia goes down for nap #2 and I continue to work on the laundry a bit.  Then it's back to Netflix.

3:30 - Jonathan comes home for a bit before his game (he coaches football - have I mentioned how much I hate it?!)

4:25 - G wakes us and Jonathan feeds her.  She eats 8oz!  Whoa.  It's days that she suddenly ups her oz. that I'm so glad I switch to formula.  A growth spurt while breastfeeding is brutal.  But then again, my supply was weak.  (Did you know hypothyroidism causes low breast milk production?  Would have LOVED to have known that say...4 months ago!!!)

4:45 - Jonathan leaves for the night to go to his game.  It's a home game so it's actually in our neighborhood (about 2 minutes from our house...if that far)  No, I don't go to his games but yes, you can hear the band and football announcer in our back yard.

5:30 - Georgia has her dinner.  Rice cereal and mixed fruit and then some mashed banana.  She cleaned her plate :)

6:00 - Georgia and I go on a walk down to the neighborhood park.  I put her in the swing for a few minutes and then we walk around until I see mosquitoes.  Then, we head home.

(Georgia says, "Look mom!  No bow!)

Around 6:30 my mom and step dad come over and bring us pizza since they know I've been home pretty much all day by my lonesome and it's J's late night.

7:00 - Bath time

7:30 - Georgia eats 5 oz

I let her play on the floor so she can get out a lot of her burps before bed.  This play time has really cut down on her spitting up on us while we're trying to get her to sleep and it's easier to get her to sleep too because she isn't in pain from gas/reflux

8:00 - Bedtime routine:  Bible story, Bible verse, prayer, and Goodnight Moon

Then, I swaddle her little tooshie up (yes, I still swaddle because her Moro Reflex is still alive and kicking!), rock her and sing to her, and put her in bed.

8:15 - Asleep for the night.

After I put her down I straighten up the living room while watching House Hunter International.  Then, I take a bath and relax in bed with Perry while I read my Bible and do my devotionals.

Sometime around 10 I fall asleep but am woken up at 11:45 by a cold nose on my arm.  Perry evidently had crawled out from under the covers but then wanted back in.  So, I let him crawl back under and fall asleep again.

12:05 - Jonathan comes in from his game, puts Perry up in his cage, gets in bed and we both go to sleep for the night.

This was a pretty typical day for us.  Monday and Tuesday Jonathan has middle school football games and gets home around 9:30.  Wednesday and Thursday he gets home about 6:30 from football practice and Monday and Wednesdays I work so I leave the house at about 8:45 and come home around 3:30 while Jonathan's mom watches G.

When Jonathan gets home on Wed. and Thur. he takes over on Georgia duty so I can have a break since my days are usually so long with the hours he works.  Then on the weekends Georgia and her dad also spend A LOT of time together so I can do crafty projects BUT we tend to do most things as a family on the weekends.


Brittney Galloway said...

LOVE this! I was planning on doing a "day in the life of" soon too!

Lyndsey said...

cute video! she's a ham!

Mallorie said...

I love reading days in the life posts! I know soon I'll be able to do my own with my little one! I can't believe how big Georgia is getting, she is just so cute!!!

cait said...

Very fun to read about your day! I'm impressed with how productive you stay! Love that onesie of Georgia's!

Brittany said...

This was really interesting!

Blissfully Burton said...

Love your day!! Although I'm a little jealous! :)

Also love her adorable onesie!! too cute - and I always fall asleep to House Hunters!!

Kelli said...

Your "1000 kisses" made me laugh. I think sometimes I annoy Madison with kisses; it's hard to stop once I get started!

Rachel and John said...

Love these things! I've been meaning to do one too but I keep forgetting to take pictures until halfway through the day

I still swaddle Henry too, he still needs it!

Henry has never had a growth spurt and he's breast fed. He must do them gradually because I never notice, but he keeps getting bigger!


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