Georgia - Four Months

September 17, 2011

Sweet Georgia,

You are 4 months old today.  Yesterday was your 4 month appointment.  You are 16.5 lbs which is the 95th percentile and 26 inches long which is the 97th percentile.  (For all of those moms out there with boys the growth charts are different for guys and gals.)

Here is what you have been up to.

First of all, your doc put you on Prevacid as of yesterday.  You've always spit up a lot but it has never bothered you so it never worried me.  I just got used to keeping you up right and still 20 minutes after you would eat, limiting your tummy time, changing your clothes and mine, going through bibs and burp cloths, doing a ton of laundry, wiping down the furniture and floors, warning people when they would hold you, and putting rice cereal in your bottle but this month you started to get hard to feed.  Refusing the bottle, bowing your back, screaming and crying.  Then, you started waking up 40 minutes into your naps needing to burp and 40 minutes into your night time sleep needing to burp.  You were still napping and sleeping through the night but were just in pain because of burps.  So, the doc thinks it's reflux although I'm a bit skeptical.  Every baby these days seems to have reflux so we'll see.  The Prevacid should take about 2 weeks to show it's full effects.

You wear size 2 diapers and have been in them for awhile now.  Since 2 months maybe...mainly because we ran out of 1s and we had a ton of 2s.  You wear 3-6 month onsies but can still wear 0-3 month clothes (a few things) as well as 3-6 month clothes.  You typically only wear Pampers because they are taller and girl, you can make A MESS!

We started you on rice cereal at 3.5 months and also started to dabble in food.  Mainly bananas and avocado.  You gobble it up and try your hardest to grab the spoon.  Speaking of spoons...they are your new favorite toy.  Along with Sophie.

See, she loves spoons:

You sleep a minimum of 10.5 hours a night and can go for as long as 12 hours.  Typically though you sleep 10.5 to 11 hours.  You usually fall asleep some time around 8-9 and do not wake up again until the morning.  When you wake up in the morning you are just so happy to see me.  You usually smile and laugh and wiggle all around and stretch really big.  It's the cutest thing.

BIG stretch!

You take 4 hours of naps a day.  Usually one long morning nap and then two one hour naps later in the day.  Naps were pretty touch and go for a few days a while back but it must have just been a phase.  Although, if we are out and about or have company over you do not want to sleep.  You're just too busy looking at everything or everybody.  But...your napping schedule is changing.  I'm just trying to understand it.

You mostly eat 5 oz but sometimes you'll eat as much as 7 oz (although lately you have been showing less interest in your bottle...reflux?  teething?) and you eat 5 times a day.  Your last 2 bottles have 2 teaspoons of rice cereal and you eat one table spoon of rice cereal (usually mixed with a bit of avocado) between your last 2 bottles.  You also have "breakfast" of rice cereal and banana 30 minutes after your first bottle of the day.  I know we started rice cereal early (3.5 months) and food even earlier (nearly 4 months) but you were ready and you love it.  I'll do a post on it later.

Look, you even feed yourself.  Not really, just that one bite.

We had your first belly laugh this month from being tickled.  You smile all the time.  You stare and grab, babble and try to talk.

Your hands are always in your mouth...or our hands.  You actually started jumping like crazy in your Jumperoo and Johnny Jump Up.  You used to just sit in them and look around but this month you started jumping like crazy!  You rather stand up and you hold your weight for a long time.  You are still trying to sit up (you can do the tri pod sit for all of 5 seconds or so) but you have now mastered rolling from back to front (you did front to back a while ago) and push up on your arms really strong and for a long time.  I'm guessing you'll be an early crawler but who knows.  We did have a roll over injury though when you rolled into your jumper and scratched your head...and you started screaming!  My poor baby :(

Your eyes are still very blue which I'm shocked about.  Your dad and I both have brown eyes (well, mine are more hazel but whatever.  Both of my parents have blue eyes, not sure how I got brown, and Jonathan's mom has blue eyes and most of our grandparents have blue eyes so I guess it isn't that strange but so far they look like they'll stay blue.)  Everyone always comments on how pretty your blonde hair and blue eyes are.  I never would have imagined...

You still have a ton of nick names (Peachy, G, Georgie...) but I mostly call you Love Bug or Sweet P.  I have no idea why.  I've also started singing to you because you really like it although I probably have THE worst voice ever.  I mainly sing, "Come thou Fount", "All Creatures", "You are my Sunshine", "I Love You, Lord", the ABC's, and a few John Mayer songs every now and then when nothing else comes to mind as well as Christmas songs.  It's funny the things you think of when you're on the spot.

You now find your doggy, Perry very entertaining.  If you are starting to get fussy but I'm not ready to put you down for your nap just yet (I'm trying to extend your wake times) then I call Perry over and you just stare at him and if he walks aways you get fussy again.  Like you're saying, "Come back Perry!".  It's pretty funny!  You also really enjoy petting and touching him.  (And, getting a big fist of his hair and pulling it...which, he doesn't seem to mind.)  I know you are going to be best friends!  He licks you ALL THE TIME!

Not such good friends here:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE you sweet girl!

Click HERE to see her weekly and monthly pictures :)


The Shamblins said...

She's a doll. My little guy was 4 months on Monday and I had no idea the percentiles for growth were different for boys and girls. It does make sense though. My little guy has light hair and blue eyes too which he gets from my husband but I always thought he would have darker features like me, DNA/genetics are a crazy thing!

Mallorie said...

Goodness she is just SO CUTE! :-) I can't believe it's been four months already! I know time is going to fly with my little one as well, I'm not ready for that!!! I love her little smile, so cute!!!! :-)

Lyndsey said...

You know I'm dying over that pink bubble right now! I love the morning time too - they are just so sweet when they first wake up :)

Callie Nicole said...

I love that picture where she's trying to eat the flower! So cute. What is it with baby's and spoons? Wyatt loves his spoons too.

Brittney Galloway said...

She's getting so big! Funny, I sing Come Thou Fount and All Creatures to Grace!

Danielle said...

We have a lady that lives about 5 mins. from our house that watches him in her home. Her and her husband are retired, and she used to own her own daycare. She watched our neighbors son and they loved her! The little boy, who is now 3, still likes to go over and play. She only watches one other little boy and they treat them like family. It was the best option for us. Plus, they are already teaching him Spanish! Ideally, I would be home with him all day everyday but that wasn't an option for us right now.

Kae* said...

Happy 4 months sweet Georgia Peach!


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