September 14, 2011

Ok, so here is WHAT I'M LOVING this WEDNESDAY and what I find PINTERESTING all in one because I just couldn't pick between two fun link ups.

First of all, Pinterest has forever changed our meal planning.  I am always finding new stuff to try on here.

As of late we have tried...
(next time I would use half as much chive.  It was a bit much...but good)



And, we've also had Chicken enchilada crockpot soup which is SO YUMMY but I didn't take a picture...or I think I did but I lost it.

(not to mention what we've tried that I mentioned in this post.)

Now, for my PINspiration!

Here are a few front porch items.  (Not including the wreath from this post.)  The hubs made the sign holder and I painted the large vase with chalkboard paint.  I love both of them!

And, an entry way sign I was inspired to make.

View from the kitchen

View from the entry

I also made one apothecary car.  I need to get another candle stick to make another.  They are going to go on my Thanksgiving mantle.

I just LOVE Pinterest!


Seek First said...

Pinterest is so fun! You did a great job on that sign! And the food looks amazing!

I have a really fun giveaway featuring my rosette necklaces going on right now--I would love for you to enter!

Kristen said...

Pinterest is so much fun! And look at you, actually doing your pins. haha I have only done a few recipes, I can't wait to do more once we get into our house though.

Texas Tanners said...

LOVE the sign!! And those recipes sound like keeps, will have to go on over and repin those bad boys!!

Kit said...

Great job on the sign! Those dishes look yummy!

Rachel and John said...

You've been busy! I love that sign! How did you make it?
I've been getting meal ideas from pinterest too. But have you been making them? Or your hubby?

Mallorie said...

LOVE pinterest!!! It really does make cooking/baking so much more fun because there are always good ideas to try on there! All of your meals look wonderful :-) Happy Wednesday!

Al said...

I have seen something like that sign on Pinterest, so glad you did it yourself, looks great darlin! Happy Wednesday :)

cait said...

Pinterest is my current obsession as well! :)

Great job on trying out all those new recipes and projects!

Amber said...

Hi there! I'm stopping by from the link up. I just love your little girl's name :). I, too am addicted to Pinterest!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Love all your new decor :)


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