September 3, 2011

A few have noticed and commented about the fact that they no longer see Paxton (Big Dog) on my blog.  So, I figure I can only avoid the subject for so long.  The truth is...we gave him away.  Before you judge us, hear me out first.

We were fine with having two dogs pre baby and we were totally cool with Paxton pre baby but when Miss Peach came along things changed a lot and REALLY fast!

#1  When Georgia would cry, Paxton would cry.  Really, he would.  I usually couldn't find him when she was crying.  Typically he would be in one of the guest bedrooms, nose to the wall, shivering and crying.  It was really sad!

#2  He is a big dog with a lot of energy.  Energy that I no longer have because it goes to Georgia 24/7.  I realized I would get mad at him but it was my fault.  I didn't play with him anymore and he had nobody and no where (our back yard is tiny) to let this energy out.

#3  Again, he is big.  I can't handle him by myself if he does something dumb.  Case in point.  He dug a HUGE hole in the back yard.  Then, the neighbor watered his yard and the hole filled with water.  Then, he rolled in the mud and of course made a huge mess.  G was just a few weeks old and I had to find the time in my day to bathe a HUGE dog covered in mud...and I got bit by ants in the process.

#4  He sheds like crazy!  That has always bothered me about him.  One time I was walking around the house with no shoes on and I felt something stab me in the a small needle and I looked at my foot and it was a Paxton hair sticking through my skin.  All of that to say, once G was born and I began to find his hair in her diapers, her neck rolls, and her eye and I knew it couldn't keep getting on her because sooner or later it would stab her like it did me and it would take FOREVER to find a tiny hair poking a baby.

#5  Many might say, why don't you just leave him outside more?  Well, here is why.  (If the whole mud fiasco mentioned above isn't enough)  He eats his own poop and Perry's poop ALL THE TIME.  EVERYDAY.  EVERY TIME HE WOULD GO OUTSIDE.  Do you know what dog burps smell like after they eat poop?  (He would stink up our entire house!)  Do you know what it's like to clean up dog poop puke when you have a two week old baby?  Not fun people...or sanitary in the slightest!  This wasn't as hard to take care of pre baby.  We would just shovel the poop and it would be gone...well, then once G was born it was too hard to go out with the dogs every time and do that.  We were to busy.

#6  He was the sweetest, kindest, most gentle dog I've ever been around with the prettiest eyes but MAN was he dumb.  (Our other dog is a rescue as well but he is VERY smart...too smart for his own good sometimes!  You just never really know what you're getting.)  I know that sounds terrible to say because he really did mean well and he wanted to please us but he was just down right dumb.  He was a stray we got from a shelter so that explains it but sometimes telling him, "no" just took forever to get through to him...hence the hole in our leather sofa from his toe nails :(

Happy Ending:  Jonathan found him a new home (that he personally went to and scoped out first) on 2 fenced acres, with a husky to play with, and he now belongs to a 10 year old boy who's first dog had just died.  It's perfect for him.  Jonathan took him over there for a test run before he officially left us and he loved it so I feel really good about our decision.


Meghan said...

I totally understand your reasons - it would be hard to have a big dog (especially mostly indoors) after a baby. But not all shelter dogs are dumb. Ours was a rescue and had been in a shelter for over a year and he's an absolute precious dog that we trained very quickly, at 1 year old.

MSDeyle said...

Even though its heartbreaking to say "good bye"... your child has to come first and it seems like you made the right decision! Tough decision nonetheless but still. I'm glad he got to have ANOTHER great home!

Stacey said...

Sounds like you made a very good decision for your family... That you researched well and didn't take lightly. Your priorities are all rearranged now; that's for sure! (which is good!)

Rachel and John said...

It must have been bittersweet. Sad to give him away, but happy that he has a fantastic home.

Sarah said...

This whole post just cracked me up :D

Sounds like you did what you had to do!

CMae said...

Although I cannot agree with taking in a member of the family only to give them up because of a baby, I am happy you didn't dump him off at the Pound as so many new parents do.

You know how I am with animals. LOL I will keep reading your blog:)

Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

Hey girl, I just found your blog and I love it :) New follower!

Your little girl is beautiful!

Stop by One Fine Wire if you ever get a chance!

Mallorie said...

I TOTALLY understand! Sounds like you made the right decision for your little family. My husband and I actually had to make a REALLY hard decision with a pet and put him down due to severe aggression issues :-( (he attacked a puppy and broke his jaw AND attacked our other dog) I'm just glad you got to give yours to a great new home and that he's happy!!! :-)

Kelli said...

:( That makes me sad for you...I know quickly we bond with dogs. I was SOO afraid we would have to do the same thing with Bella. The first month was very much touch and go, and sometimes I felt like I wasn't being fair to her; I would yell at her when it wasn't her fault, too. One time I scared her so bad she even peed on the floor(and she DOESN'T do that)!

Thankfully, we do have a big enough yard for her to get her energy out, so now the shedding is our only problem. We're still working on that one. :/

I'm glad he found a new home for him, and I hope you and Jonathan don't miss him too much. Good job making a tough decision!

Kelli said...

*how quickly we bond

Sarah said...

That sounds like a great idea! honestly, sometimes you just need to know when you hit your limit. As long as did what you feel is right, then don't feel bad about your decision! ESPECIALLY since you brought him to such an amazing home!

Jamie said...

Awww I know that must have been hard but it sounds like Paxton has a great new home!

Melanie said...

So glad you found him the perfect home..I know what you mean about him being 'dumb'..we have a cat that has no brains I'm pretty sure!

Lacey said...

I don't think you have to justify your reasons for wanting to give Paxton away. Sometimes, animals are no longer practical for the family. Really, they are NOT people, and it's okay to give them away, if you find a nice, loving and suitable home for them. You have nothing to justify to 'judgers' :)


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