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October 30, 2011

I mentioned a few weeks back I was going to start selling Scentsy (a wick less candle system)...well, I finally took the plunge!

{Full size warmer}

You can buy online HERE always and it will be shipped directly to your house.  I also have a link on my right sidebar that will always be open.  When you enter my Scentsy website there will be a list of open parties.  Just click on either party and then continue your shopping!

{Plug in}

I wanted to get the word out before the big holiday rush.  They make great gifts.  (My first two warmers were gifts from my mother and MIL and that's how I got hooked!) 

{Scentsy buddy with scent pak}

Teachers love them!  I can attest to that since I am a teacher.  Not only can you use them in the classroom because they meet most school fire/energy codes but also because the wax gets hot enough to melt but does not burn the skin.  A much better gift than an apple shaped paper weight or a ton of candy.  (I speak from experience).  Also, nursery workers at church, friends, family, coworkers, or secret santas would love them as well.

{Solid Perfume}

Scentsy sells:  Full size, Mid-size, and plug in warmers.  Scentsy buddies, scent packs, solid perfume, fragrance foam, scent circles, travel tins, and room spray.  All of which can be bought online and shipped directly to you.

There are clearance items as well for those interested.

Combine and Save is a good way to buy Scentsy.  The full list of combine and saves can be found HERE but one example would be:

6 Scentsy Bars
2 Mid-Sized Warmers
68$ (Saves you 12$)

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask and feel free to go online and SHOP!

Also, have you ever heard of Stella & Dot?  It's a really great jewlery company that one of my besties sells.  I also have the link on my right hand side bar in you are interested in shopping online.



cait said...

way to go on getting your Scentsy going! I love my Scentsy! I'm surprise by how many people haven't heard of it! And you are right...perfect for teachers! Good luck with your new business venture!

Megan said...

I need some scentsy, especially now that I have a boy living with me haha!


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