An Update

October 10, 2011

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I feel like I really have nothing interesting to blog about lately.  I'm in a BLAH blogger mood.
Anyhow, for the sake of documentation here is an update.

Made leg warmers from a pair of socks and premade ruffle using this tutorial.

My sewing buddy :)

Took this headband in so it would fit G.  (It was for an adult from Urban Outfitters)

Woken up at 6:45 by this outside my window.  Ugh!

Last week, Georgia and I went to visit Jonathan at work.

Clearly, I'm really into seasonal clothing for my daughter.

Went to Ikea on Saturday and G sat in a high chair for the first time although it didn't work to well but it was really our only option.  We went to go get a mattress and box spring for our guest room and also, we got Georgia a .49 cent stuffed moose and the kid LOVED it.  (As well as some other odds and ends.  It's Ikea, who can resist?!)

More interested in the people walking by than eating...

Church on Sunday.  I take pictures nearly every sunday in church clothes.  She just looks so cute that I have too :)  Yes, I know my child needs shoes.  I need to take her to an actual shoe store to get sized because her feet are SO FAT!  They are just about as tall as they are wide.  LOVE IT :)  Is it terrible that while I was pregnant I prayed every night for a chubby baby...because, I don't think so.  Also, whenever we drop off Georgia in the nursery this is what we hear:  "Oh, hi sweet pea", as we hand her to the nursery worker she says either, "my favorite is here!" or "give me my baby!".  I LOVE our church nursery because they love all our babies!

Fall bucket list:  Bake cookies (check)

My "to-do" list - getting done :)

Office/Guest room TURNED Office/Guest room/Playroom

It looks a little boring in these pictures but it's not in person.  We LOVE it.  It is so cozy and is actually a really good family space.  Our next house for sure needs two living areas.  Oh, and the bed shown is our Baylor bed.  BUT, we took the foot boards from both beds and put them together to get more of a day bed look (not how we will use it for G's bedroom eventually) and we haven't painted the beds yet.  I'm sure it will be awhile before I tackle that the mean time they'll stay ugly brown.  The second bed is in the attic where it will stay until we set up G's big girl room with two twin beds.

And now, with the added baby gear that got kicked out of the living room!

Family approved :)

Oh, and I moved our diplomas from the office to the hallway since there was no room for them in the playroom anymore.  I am ALWAYS keeping these hung up (need to add J's masters) not only because I am a FIRM believer in a college education (and want Georgia and our other kids growing up knowing it is a MUST) but also because these two diplomas combined cost more than our house and therefore are our most expensive art ;)

Crazy, productive weekend.


Oh, and I have Monday and Wednesday off...and I only work Mondays and Wednesdays...hahaha!  YES!


Michelle said...

Yay for a "vacation" week :)

And I pray for a chubby baby too! I love me some rolls.

Jamie said...

Looks like a great week :)

I love that you prayed for a chubby baby...they're the best!

Mallorie said...

Loved the update! And I feel the same way about the diplomas! The hubster is a Baylor grad as well so ours will always be up together! :-) We even have the matching frames! PS Thanks to you I'm going to have to invest in some baby legwarmers! They are just so dang cute! I never even thought about them before seeing them on sweet! :-)

Lyndsey said...

Liam rarely wears shoes too but we have the opposite problem - every pair falls right off!

And I totally agree with you - two living areas in our next house is a must!

BeckyJo606 said...

Georgia's leg warmers are so cute!! I think they look darling on her little legs! I have always wanted a chubby baby too--they're the easiest to love on :)

cait said...

Love that you prayed for a chubby baby! :) I'm all about wanting a chubby baby. G is a doll and rocks the "chubby baby" look!

Love the leg warmers! And Adeline will definitely have seasonal clothing's all too cute to pass up!


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