Break {Part I}

November 22, 2011

Monday marked the start of our Thanksgiving break.  Jonathan has off the entire week and it's so nice having him home 24/7.  When he's home I forget to blog.

Of course though, in our usual fashion, we hit the ground running and haven't really slowed down since our break began.

We went all the way to the mall to get yogurt and the place was closed.  As in, out of business :(  So, we got Cinnabon and a cookie instead!

We headed to Conroe to hang out with my brother and my dad.  We shopped.  We ate a lot.  And, we finally found some yogurt!  It was a fun day.

We taught Sunday School (3 year old class) for the first time and had a blast.  Then, we did Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family.  Too bad my mom didn't even come because she was sick!

We FINALLY had our carpets cleaned.  I made a tone of baby food and Jonathan had to feed Georgia in her room because of the carpet guy.  The picture below is what happened.  She looks like she wants to punch him! We also made a HUGE grocery run and did G's 6 month pictures.  (Not ONE smile the whole sessions!  NOT.  ONE.)

I had yet ANOTHER Dr's appointment for my stupid thyroid.  Good news:  I DID NOT pass out when they took my blood!  YAY me!  Then, we went to my brother's house for movie night.  My brother's little girl, Molly Kathryn LOVES Georgia.  She pushed her around in the walker for about 20 minutes saying, "BeBe!"

Cut 2 teeth (while she had RSV and started crawling)
crawling like crazy
switched car seats
waves bye bye
trying to talk

16.  The opportunity to work at a Christian school.  I love being able to talk about Christianity openly with my students and being able to do religious art work (mainly Christmas) with them.  It's so nice.
17.  Georgia's sweet smile.
18.  Jonathan got a bonus at work for his students making certain scores on the Texas standardized tests to the tune of $,$$$!  Woo to the hoo!
19.  Fun family days and being productive.
20.  The opportunity to be involved at our church teaching the 3's.
21.  Perry was almost sick but it turns out that he's ok.  Thank goodness!
22.  Jonathan and I got new phones.  We're pretty excited about it and even though it's a little thing we're still thankful!
23.  A lot of family time this week!

I have A LOT of other things to post but I'll have to find some more time...BUT with Thanksgiving at our house this year I'm not sure when I'll be finding the time.


Blissfully Burton said...

love that you all have the week off together! that is so fun!

and the food picture is hilarious!

Katie said...

how fun! i teach and we just got off wed-friday but i am so thankful to spend the time with my sweet 5 month old!

chloë. said...

That face is priceless! Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving :)

Makay said...

Bhahaha- she DOES look like she wants to punch him! Too cute!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Megan said...

That picture under Monday is hilarious!


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