Day 12

November 12, 2011


*The other day I posted I was thankful for a baby who had never been sick in her nearly six months.  Now she has RSV.  Clearly, I spoke too soon.*

Today I am thankful that although my sweet baby has RSV she is still acting like herself (pretty much).

Also, she started crawling today.  She only does two little "crawls" before laying down and continuing to army crawl but it's a start.

(We think she is on day 3 or 4 of what could be 14 days of sickness.  The dr. said days 4-6 are usually the hardest.  Yesterday was when I really noticed she was sick because she developed a wet cough on top of her already runny nose.  I expected last night to be pretty rough but she still slept from 7:30 - 6:50 which is pretty typical and she has still been napping ok.  The only time she gets fussy from being sick is when she gets tired and she's been a bit more clingy than usual but overall she is handling it pretty well so far.  No fever, ear infection, or decreased appetite.  Please keep her in your prayers because it could still get worse and much more serious.  She most likely picked it up from the church nursery because that is the only public place she really gets out and about.  When we run errands she still typically stays in her car seat, stroller, Bjorn, or our arms.  The dr. said she got it by coming in contact with the snot or spit of another child who had it.  Also, the dr. said it has been going around A LOT so tomorrow when you drop your babies off at the church nursery be on the look out for a runny nose or wet cough because it could be something more serious!  RSV in anyone over the age of two is just called "a cold".)


Makay said...

Aw! Hope she is well soon! :)
And yay for the crawls! :)

Blissfully Burton said...

hope baby girl gets to feeling better SOON!!


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