Project 52

November 30, 2011

I planned on blogging earlier in the day but Georgia is teething AND got vaccines today.  I'm sure all moms out there understand what I'm saying...

Also, I'm trying to post about things other than Georgia.  I really REALLY am.  I am just so busy that my blog is just about documenting her life now it seems and I don't want it to be entirely that.

Anyhow, I'm working on it!

Catch up for Project 52

- Highly edited -

- Thankful -

Christmas card
- can't post this yet because I don't have one for our family yet -


Laura said...

First of all, those pants are really cute. Secondly, I am looking forward to you including more again about things like you, your home projects, and teaching because hearing about Georgia is great but I enjoy reading about the other things too.

Natalie said...

Callyn got her first round of vacs yesterday and thankfully all it did was make her super tired and she slept 10.5 hours last night which is an hour longer than the longest she's ever slept! I hope every time she gets them that's the 'worst' that happens!
Hope Miss Georgia feels a little better today!

Cecilly said...

I'll be on that catch-up train after work today.

and they plant a new tree where we cut down the old one. Not so sad.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Just came across your blog...too cute!!

Mallorie said...

I agree...blogging about things other than baby are HARD! I thought for sure after EC came I'd have other things to blog about besides her...but since she's my ENTIRE life right now it's hard not to!!! I love reading about your cutie! :-)


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