Thanksgiving part II

November 28, 2011

Sorry, on holidays I kind of forget to post.  I just hang out with J and G and don't do much else :)  Part one of my holiday post is HERE and I'm just now getting around to part two.  I've had it in the works for awhile but am just now posting.  Oh well.
Took family pictures with Jonathan's family
Ate at Pei wei.

Jonathan's family Thanksgiving was at our house this year.  I was too busy to take pictures.  Sorry : /

My mom came over for a bit.
Jonathan and I knocked out most of the second half of our Christmas shopping list.  I start my Christmas shopping early.  We just have a few more things to get at this point.

November date night:
We went to Bayou Bend here in Houston for a Christmas tour.  It was great!

We started our Christmas decorations but it's been a bit hard with a very mobile baby to get anything done.  We haven't done anything outside yet but the inside is nearly done.  It's a start.

Georgia went to her first birthday party and had a great time.  She crawled all over the place and slept about 30 extra minutes the next morning.  Clearly, she was pooped!  The only picture I took of her at the party. 

Went to church and taught sunday school
lunch with our family
home finally

Georgia looking pretty in her church clothes :)

She now has her two bottom teeth so we thought the teething would be over for just a bit.  The bottom two teeth were not bad at all and we didn't even notice she was teething (since she had RSV at the time and was already a bit clingy) but I'm guessing she is now working on the top two and these seem to be a bit harder.  She is still sleeping (longer actually but I think that is because of her intense crawling/climbing/pulling up on everything phase...she just has no energy left at the end of the day!).  She is just a bit clingy/needs to be entertained more than usual.  Also, she is a bit fussy when eating.  I just give her Tylenol AND Oragel AND Teething Tablets.  Just to cover all my bases.

Also, she is a MOVER!  I need to write an entire post just over this alone.  I tell her everyday that she is just OUT OF CONTROL.  Example:  she is on the ground crawling.  Crawls over to her walker and pulls herself to the standing position (all by herself) then LET'S GO and stands up on her own for about 3 seconds before she grabs onto the walker again!  Mind you, she is six months old.  Craziness!

Sorry, I couldn't turn the video.  This is her with her elephant walker that she loves.  I need to get a better video because she can walk with it pretty well.

Break is O.V.E.R.  :(  And, Jonathan starts soccer (boo!) and it lasts until march.  MARCH!!!


Lyndsey said...! Does she have super baby strength or something? That is insane!

Brittney Galloway said...

I showed Ian that video because it is so impressive! I can't believe she's crawling everywhere and starting to walk!

Callie Nicole said...

Wow, it sounds like she is super mobille! Wyatt isn't that mobile yet, so I have a little more time! We're working on upper teeth too, and I think they are definitely harder.


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