A Vlog Survey

November 10, 2011

Before you watch

*My PJ's are still on and I have no make up on and I had not even brushed my hair

*The guest room is a mess.  G and I like to hang out in that bed.

*Georgia is banging on the desk a lot.

{Day 10 - I am thankful for a baby who has never been sick in her nearly 6 months of life!}


Laura said...

What an adorable vlog! So cute seeing Georgia in action and I definitely think San Francisco would be a cool place to live, even if only for a while.

Emily said...

Emily, this was so cute! I feel like I know Georgia on a whole new level-she is precious. AND, I think your voice sounds pretty normal :) I think it just depends where you live, because in Indiana (being from FL) people are always shocked by my southern twang...which to me is nothing! Ha!

Melanie said...

Cute vlog!! Georgia is so cute in action..where did u get her thermals at? So adorable!


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