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January 31, 2012

I am for sure not the kind of mother who finds her daughter licking butter off of wax paper thrown into the paper recycling bin.  Nope, not way.  And, I'm for sure not the kind of mother who lets her child play with the knocked over recycling bin and dig around in old cardboard.

Who would leave their fridge door open on purpose to let their baby play and climb into it.  I would NEVER do that.

Only a crazy mom would let/watch their 8 month old climb unassisted onto the coffee table and then not make it in time as they slowly fall off.  Wow...that would make me a terrible mom.

I'm also not the kind of mom who has turned into a germ freak this past week since her daughter was sick and took her to the McDonald's play place just to wipe down every object she even thought about touching with paci wipes first.  Only an insane parent does that...right?

I would NEVER let my baby cry it out in the morning because she woke up too early crying not once but twice thinking it was teething only to find out later she had a fever from a remaining ear infection not yet healed.  What kind of mom does that.  NOT ME!

I'm the kind of mom who strictly enforces an all organic diet.  That's why I would never let my baby eat Doritos, powder sugar donuts, chili cheese fries, french toast, McDonald's french fries, and a cinnamon roll in one weekend.  Talk about a terribly unbalanced diet and bad parenting.

Also, I'm not a "hover-er".  I'm not the type who goes into their babies nursery every night to watch their baby sleep for a few minutes before they get in bed just because they're so cute.  Nope...I never do that.  I don't do that every. single. night.


So, what kind of parent are you not?


Lyndsey said...

Ha! Love this!

Let's see...I'm NOT the kind of mom who takes my child to the public library for baby class with his pajamas still on and hard boiled egg in his hair bc we were running late...nope, not me! :)

Kelli said...

Hmmm. I'm definitely not the kind of mom who strategically places a (closed) bag of dog food within reach of my baby while she's in her walker to buy an extra two minutes of face-washing/teeth brushing time. Because that would be terrible.

Cecilly said...

I am not a mom..sad face, but I hope to be just that kind of mom. Full of love and with a sense of humor.

You're an incredible mom with an incredible baby peach. Love.

Kristal said...

I'm not the kind of mom that would ever allow the "3 second rule" when my girls drop their favorite after school snack on my kitchen floor. I would also NEVER let my kids snuggle and sleep with me at night after bad dreams--they need to stay in their own beds, NO MATTER WHAT!!! ;)

Mallorie said...

I love this :-) I'm not the kind of mom who would let her child have a COMPLETE meltdown each and every time we go, I would NEVER let that happen! HA! It's actually getting comical. She literally has a freak out everywhere we go. (for no reason) It's exhausting. Hoping it's just a phase.

Tami said...

Haha! Love this! I'm NOT the Mom who totally forgets to bring the baby food when we go out to dinner and then proceeds to cut open french fries, scoop out the middle and mash them to make them into baby food. Hey- french fries are the same as mashed potatoes, aren't they?

cait said...

haha, this list post is perfection!! I think it needs to become a link-up! ;)

I am definitely not the kind of mom that would take her 2 week old black Friday shopping (what kind of crazy woman does that?!) I'm not the type of mom that would breastfeed my baby standing up in a public restroom. (That's just plain gross.) And I am definitely not the type of mom that lets the dog lick her baby's fingers and toes. (Gross again!)

;) Hope you're having a great week!


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