One Word for 2012

January 11, 2012

{I've seen this done on 2 or 3 blogs and decided to give it a go!}

Pick one word.
Put the word in a very visible place in your home.
Live by this one word everyday.
Document your progress.

My word
- Present -
As in:  being present...being in the moment

Don't hold onto anger
Don't let any sweet Georgia moments pass me by
Slow down and enjoy
Turn off the TV and say no to the internet

I was going to find some way to have the word "Present" on the art Georgie made but I just couldn't bring myself to change her first masterpiece's sits in the hallway and I know what it means even if it doesn't have it written on there.  Because I mean, what's more "present" than letting your daughter use edible finger paint on the back porch on a sunny day?


Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

What a cute little corner! I love what you did with the space! Great job!

XO. Britt
The Magnolia Pair


Jen said...

Hi Emily! I love the art work you had Miss G too; I will definitely be doing that!!
I wanted to reach out to you; I'm going to be starting a new feature on my blog with lots of tips and advice from other Mom's. Please LMK if you'd be interested in sharing any ideas on the topics I have going. Shoot me an email if so and I'll send you some possible topics. Doesn't have to be anything super formal; even a bulleted list is fine. LMK! :)

Chloe Deverill said...

so sweet and cute!
I love Georgia's masterpiece!

Megan said...

That is a great concept and idea. The word is so meaningful every year as well. I think it is really something everyone could live by!

cait said...

I ADORE your choice on the baby art! What an amazing idea! Oh girl, could we have nice, long chats about this word. I have battled and battled with this...especially during my maternity leave...knowing that a day is coming soon where I will have to go back to work and leave my little one. I am working so hard on cherishing each instead of holding onto the negative thoughts that I will have to leave her. It's so difficult and I daily give it to God! And oh my...I'm also right with you on holding onto anger. Guilty!


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