Tag! You're it!

January 19, 2012

Rachel and Amanda tagged me so, here I go!

Here is the break down:
1.  Post these rules
2.  Post 11 random things about yourself
3.  Answer the questions set for you in their post
4.  Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
5.  Go to their blog and tell them they are "tagged"
6.  Tag 11 people

11 Random things about me:
1.  I'm pretty particular about how my nails look.  Usually I keep my finger nails short, no polish, and buffed.  I don't put polish on them because I teach art and there is really no point.  I always have polish on my toes and it's never chipped or cracked.  I do them myself and I really enjoy it.
2.  I spray Febreeze on everything!  Everyday!  That's why I make my own.
3.  I still think about baby names all the time even though I just had a baby.  I really like Merritt (an artist I like) and Milam (Texas war hero.  Pronounced my-lum) for boys.  No mom, I don't want another baby soon...just like the names.
4.  For girls I like Clio but Jonathan pretty much hates it.  Oh well...
5.  I also think about how to do baby number 2's monthly pictures...mainly because of Pinterest.  Sigh...
6.  This is really hard and I've been working on this for like 2 hours.  ha!
7.  My husband and I are obsessed with Dexter.  I'll use obsessed lightly because we are watching every episode on DVD and we're on season two.  My husband loves it but the jury is still out with me...I think it's kind of strange.
8.  I've probably said this before but I could eat cucumbers in Italian dressing every day and never get sick of them.  YUMMY!
9.  We recently cancelled our cable.  I think we are even more addicted to our TV than before.  We stream Netflix or watch all our regular shows online and I feel like we're always watching SOMETHING!
10.  I started watching One Tree Hill on Netflix.  It's so embarrassing and the show is pretty crappy but I can't stop watching.  Ahh!
11.  I require a lot of sleep.  I am ALWAYS sleepy!  I get a lot of sleep but the whole thyroid disease thing makes me sleepy.

My 11 answers:
1.  My go to dinner menu:  Well, I don't cook.  But, in a crunch Jonathan can whip up turkey burgers and sweet potato fries pretty quickly.
2.  Biggest pet peeve:  hmm...whistling or humming or tapping.  Things like that.
3.  If I had to change my name it would be:  I guess what my name almost was.  My mom almost named me Sarah but I really like my name.
4.  The first thing I do in the morning:  I take my thyroid pill
5.  The last thing I do before I go to bed at night:  Say, "Goodnight.  I love you."
6.  My shopping weakness:  Meaningless "stuff" in the dollar section at Target
7.  How many kids do I want to have:  3
8.  Favorite thing in my house:  I have a lot of favorite things.  I love the white iron bed in our guest room.  It was my first big girl bed.
9.  How do I sleep:  On my side with a pillow between my knees...pregnancy style
10.  Favorite take out:  We don't really do take out.  My mom brings over pizza sometimes.
11.  Currently reading:  Old Testament

And my other 11:
1. What’s your go-to snack?  Cereal
2. What is the first thing you do when you get home from work/school?  Talk to Georgia
3. What is a guilty please of yours?  Ice cream sundaes.
4. How many serious boyfriends did it take to get to Mr. Right?  Just one.
5. If you could pick a different state to live in, what would it be?  California.  I live in TX now.
6. What is one type of show you hate watching on TV?  Not a fan of reality TV.
7. What time do you get up in the mornings?  6:30.  That's when J leaves the house.
8. Would you rather hot weather or cold?  Temperate :)
9. What is the most recent movie you’ve watched?  Contagion
10. What is your typical weekend made up of?  Relaxing.  Playing with Georgia.  Hanging out as a family.
11. Do you make your bed/tidy up every day?  I clean all the time.  I rarely make our bed.  I love to lounge in it all day and so does Georgia.

My 11 questions:
1.  What is your guilty pleasure TV show?
2.  Name one song that you love to jam out to that is totally embarrassing?
3.  Where do you want to send your kids to school?  Public/private/home school?
4.  One food you will never grow tired of?
5.  What is your favorite Pinterest search?
6.  Did you order your girl scout cookies?  If so, what kind?
7.  What color do you decorate with most?
8.  Which store is a total guilty pleasure?
9.  What are your favorite baby names?
10.  What is your "dream home" vision?
11.  Is your current job your dream job?

And, I tag:
(trying not to tag people who I already know have been tagged)
1.  Cecilly
2.  Danielle
3.  Kelly
4.  Rachel
5.  Laura
6.  Miranda
7.  Kim
8.  Nicki
9.  Amber
10.  Jenny
11.  Bri


Mallorie said...

I just posted mine too..I worked on it last night and had to come back this morning! Ha! It's hard thinking of 11 random things about yourself and creating random questions! Loved yours! We haven't canceled cable BUT we have the most basic of the basic and I'm fine with it!

Lyndsey said...

I still sleep with a pillow between my knees too. I never did that pre-pregnancy but now it just feel weird without it.

And I'm not ready to commit to canceling cable, but Will cancelled our movie channels and our landline (we have one of those bundles) and its saving us like $80 a month! I don't know why we didn't do it sooner!

Stephanie said...

That's so awesome that it only took you one boyfriend to find Mr. Right. Some people are just lucky, I guess :)

Your baby girl is adorable :)

Laura said...

Thanks for the tag! I used to watch One Tree Hill :) and yes...sadly it is addicting.

ShaunB said...

I'm not sure about Dexter either. It can be interesting, but also very creepy.

Amber said...

How fun! Thanks for the tag :) I will work on this this weekend and it will drag me out of my blog slump!! I have sooo much to update on my crazy life - wow!! Thanks again and I have to agree, the target $1 section rocks!!

MICHELE said...

this looks fun, but hard. I love One Tree Hill. The early years are a little lame but it is now in its last season and the last few years have been a lot more drama filled. Not so highschooly (if that is a word).


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