Weekend Update

February 27, 2012

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I have so many blog post ideas that I need to get started on but I always seem behind.  Oh well, as is life I guess.

The weather here has been so nice but this weekend it got a bit colder again and I didn't want to take Georgia outside so I took her to the play place at the mall a couple of times and she loved it.  While we were there (when she was in the blue outfit) someone asked me, "is that a girl?".  Yes, I dressed her in blue but did you miss the huge bow on her head???

1.  G sometimes just lays on the floor and it cracks me up.
2.  She looks so cute when she wears converse.
3.  She refused to look at me with St. Patty's day attire on.
4.  She loves a good stuffed animal cuddle.

1.  See, the weather has been nice!  I wore shorts and flip flops on a walk with Georgia.
2.  I'm obsessed with my anthro mugs.  I got two as Christmas gifts (one with a P and one with an E) and I use them all the time to drink my ice water.

1.  Someone can open her Puffs and she ate a TON of them off the floor before we caught her.
2.  Too cool for school in her shades!

Family date night!

It was "Go Texan" day here in H-Town so I put G in her best cow girl outfit.  It has horses on the feet and a horse and cowgirl on the shirt.  So cute!

In other non Georgia related news do you ever feel that your to do list is so long that you don't even want to get started...ugh...that's how I feel everyday.  Especially now that we want to put our house on the market, I'm trying to slowly work on G's birthday party, I really need to dive into my school's yearbook again and so on and so on and so on! 


Happy Monday


cady said...

People call my daughter a boy when she's dressed completely in pink! Some people are clueless, even when there are pink and bows. :)


Sarah Hope Dickert said...

Love your blog! Got here through Lowercase Letters... My daughter is one week younger than Georgia, so it's fun to see her little pictures. She's the cutest!

Also, I completely understand long to-do lists, especially gearing up to put your house on the market. Sometimes, with a baby to take care of, you just have to do the best you can!

Natalie said...

I once had someone ask me if Callyn was a boy when she was in blue with a GIANT girly (but blue) bow on her head. Not sure about the rest of the world, but I don't think I would put a bow on my boy!

Andrea said...

oh how cute is she!! I love her little converse shoes! And I covet that anthro mug! ~Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood

Callie Nicole said...

The outfit also has ruffles - clearly girl! Oh, people sometimes . . .

Rachel and John said...

It's been warm here too, but not flip flop weather! Enjoy it for me!!

BeckyJo606 said...

You have such cute pictures of Georgia! I love the one of her in the sunglasses--so so cute! I hear you about getting your house on the market. We are still a little bit away from that, but it's something we are trying to fix up a little here and there. My to do list is never ending!

Lyndsey said...

even if it's blue - how is that at all a boy outfit? people are weird.

love the new layout!


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