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March 5, 2012

Lately, I've come across some REALLY great products.  I figured I needed to share!

Jonathan and I first discovered this sunscreen in Lisbon, Portugal at a skin care boutique searching desperately for sunscreen for me and my terribly sensitive skin.  Since all the packaging was in french/Portuguese I couldn't read it too well but I knew it was for kids so I knew it most likely would not give me a rash or burn my face because that is what most sunscreens tend to do with me.  Honestly, I will never buy another sunscreen for me EVER!  This is the one and ONLY product that does not feel like it is burning or stinging my face.  I LOVE IT!  Now, it is expensive but we still have the one bottle we bought in summer of 2010.  I'm not sure if I'll use it on Georgia yet because her skin right now if far more sensitive than mine so we'll see.  The only thing is, I have never seen it in a store in the states but it can be bought online.

#2 Off Clip On - 8.48$ (bought at WalMart)

The mosquitoes have gotten pretty bad here and I have yet to buy the mosquito net attachment for G's stroller so I bought this the other day.  Our first walk of the day was about 10:00 and I saw a few mosquitoes BUT I hadn't bought the clip yet.  Later in the day, after I bought the clip, we went for another walk around 5:30 and we tried it out.  I clipped it above her head (for maximum protection) and I honestly didn't see one single mosquito.  I really like it!  Although, this is a terrible picture.  I took it in motion while J was pushing G so whatever.  The clip is the gray thing above her head.

Then, I clipped it to her back.  It does well keeping them away from her stroller but I did get bit on the back while I was pushing her stroller.  It's a good alternative for her though since I can't use bug spray on her.

#3 The NUK Learner sippy cup - 7.69$ (bought at WalMart)
This is Georgia's favorite sippy cup and this is the one she drinks out of the best.  She likes it because the spout is soft like a bottle so it's easy for her to drink out of.  I like it because it's easy to clean and there are not a lot of parts.  It does come with a lid and it is spill proof.  She has to actually suck to get the water/milk out.

#4 Annabel Karmel fill and freeze puree pops (sold by NUK.  Got them at WalMart)
Georgia is not all that interested in baby food these days but I want to make sure she gets the correct amount everyday.  I thawed out some of her baby food and put it in here and then refroze.  Be careful though because the second day I was using these with her she dropped it from her high chair and it broke because it was so cold from being in the freezer.  Anytime she has dropped it when she is sitting or standing they have been fine but I guess the distance from her high chair to the tile was too far.

I used this company to make my new planner that I absolutely adore!  I also used it to make one of Georgia's birthday gifts.  An ABC book!  I'm sure I'll use this company again because I LOVE all of there personalized items and I love the quality.  They are just an awesome company!


ABC book:

Sorry for the quality of these pictures.  I took them all very quickly with my phone.


Lyndsey said...

've never seen those pop things before, how fun! That would be good to suck on some pureed fruit or fro-yo on a hot day. I may have to pick up some of those!

Diana said...

O I love those freeze pops. I really need to make my little girl an A to Z book Im sure she would love it. Yours came out great!

Natalie said...

I need to start thinking about a sunscreen for Callyn.
That is a genius idea with the Off clip on her stroller. I am planning to get a mosquito net too but that's a good idea to just clip it to her butt, ha!
Cute cute cute planner! I've been needing a new one-gonna have to check that site out :)

Rachel and John said...

Love the ABC book. I'm making Henry one for his birthday! Where did you order it from?

Cecilly said...

I love the Nuk sippy cup. One of my kids used them last year and it worked really well. and the planner!! love it.

Lauren said...

You are so crafty! I am going to get one of those sippy cups for Z, she had a few Tommy Tippy ones but is not a huge fan of any of them yet. The chip on a do work nice but just do you know California baby makes a natural insect repellent that is safe for infants if you want extra protection for G (or you)!

Hilary Lane said...

Be careful with the sunscreen - it loses it's potency over time, so you may think you're protected and you really aren't. If the bottle doesn't have an expiration date on you, you might want to try to research, but I think it's shelf life is usually only one year!


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