Two Months Out

March 23, 2012

Georgia's first birthday is less than 2 months away and this is what we have so far for Georgia's peach party!

We have been buying stuff here and there to spread the cost out and I've been doing some crafting every now and then so it wouldn't feel like such a huge task.  I'm sure some stuff will be down to the wire but I'm hoping not!

I ordered her a birthday crown instead of a birthday hat.  I really liked that it was fabric and could be used for dress up or costumes later on.  I special ordered hers {FROM HERE} to be made from peach fabric.  I could have had my mom or MIL make it but I get tired of asking them to make stuff all the time.  Don't want to burn them out too fast...

I also ordered peach straws {FROM HERE} to go in the mason jars that I've had now for a few years.

Here is the garland I've made.  It's made from scrapbook paper and paint cards.  I really like it!

I'm not sure if you can even see this or not but I've been drawing some photo booth props on cardboard.  I still need to paint them and cut them out.  I'm not sure who is going to man the booth yet or how I'm going to set it up BUT my friend from college, Megan, is going to photograph the party for me so I don't have to worry about it and can just enjoy myself!

My MIL bought this peach table cloth for the gift table.  I love it!

I made this wreath awhile ago and while it is not peach I still would like to use it at the party somehow.

My MIL also bought this peach bucket and I may use it for the plastic ware.  It is currently holding more garland.

I am most likely going to have her alphabet book on display (as well as her newborn, 3-6-9-12 month canvases) and the other book is her guest book for everyone to sign while they are at the party!  Lyndsey actually suggested that I use "Each Peach Pear Plum" but the funny thing is, it was already in my Amazon shopping cart when she suggested it but I just couldn't decide if that's what I should go for.  Her vote pushed me over the edge.

And finally, we've bought a ton of peach flavored drinks!  (I don't even like peaches but I'm really excited about this party!)

There are still a million and one things for me to do but I'm getting there!  I mean, I still have two months right???


Mallorie said...

Oh I LOVE it all!!! :-) I've started thinking about EC's first birthday but don't really have any ideas yet.

Lyndsey said...

Cute stuff! On she highlighted a Georgia peach themed party a couple weeks ago. I don't know of you saw it, but it might have some more fun ideas!

Natalie said...

Cute! I am doing the same thing with trying to spread things out so I don't get overwhelmed. I have most of Callyn's party (6 months away!) planned, just have to start DIYing stuff!
Love the idea of a birthday crown-that's really cute! I also thought about asking someone to take pictures so we can get the memories, but I am present at her party.

Allyson said...

Wow you are impressive. My triplets birthday is in 2 weeks and I have nothing not like me! Guess we will just have a family party! Can't wait to see this peachy party!

Candace said...

Precious! You've gotten so much done already, and you still have the 2 months (although they will go by quickly). Can't wait to see the whole thing come together!

Kristal said...

Okay girl, check out these "peachy" pictures--

Cute "peach" idea.

I wish we could find a peach tree farm around somewhere for her 1 year pics---I'll be searching.

Courtney Eads said...

party planning is so fun, I love that you are stretching it out!! ;)


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