Citrus Lane - April Review

April 24, 2012

A few days ago I received my first Citrus Lane package and Georgia and I were both pretty excited about it.  (I follow their blog and pinterest as well!)

Here is what the box contained:  About $44 value

(the subscription is $25 a month or less)

Bed and Bath time Fun
(each box has a theme)

Georgia is obsessed with books:  turning pages, eating them, throwing them, going and getting them and when you say, "Georgia, where is your book?"  She will go find one.  It's precious and so is this book.  The story is very sweet and is perfect for bedtime.  I will most likely buy this book to go with baby shower gifts in the future.

I love that these are BPA and PVC free and sweet colors rather than the usual primary colored toys.  Georgia loved splashing with these in the tub and I even used them to scoop up water and dump it on her head to wash her hair.  These are keepers!

This toothpaste has xylitol which is a natural sweetener found in fruits and veggies and has shown to reduce tooth decay and works here as an alternative to fluoride since toddlers don't know how to spit out toothpaste.  Georgia LOVES it (bubble gum flavor).  I did get an email saying I received the toothpaste on accident and would soon be receiving the teething gel which was what I was supposed to get in the first place.  I can't wait to get that in since I have a teething monster on my hands a lot of days!  Citrus Lane has great costumer service and it's like I get a whole other product for free!

We love this soap.  Especially since there are no dyes or perfumes so we can use it at our house because of Georgia's super sensitive skin.  I am willing to try all hypoallergenic products and this one is scented with essential oils and I really like the citrus scent.

I was REALLY nervous to use this on me.  But I did.  I have very sensitive skin so I don't use a lot of products on my face.  I ended up loving it though!  I thought it would burn and make my skin very dry (my skin is naturally very dry already) but it wasn't like that at all.  It made my skin really soft.  I can't wait to use my coupon to order a few other products that work with my skin since it didn't give me a rash or burn which is rare for me with cleansers/lotions.  Plus, it's all organic!

Eco Mom gift card ($15)

I was super excited about this one!  It took me a few days to narrow down what I wanted to use it on since the website had about a million and one things I wanted to buy.  I ended up buying a toy for one of my nephews as a Christmas present.  Jonathan had been wanting to buy them one of these trucks forever so I finally did.  The card covered it all and I ended up only having to pay shipping.  You should for sure visit their website!

Offers Included:

20% off

20% off

$10 off $40 at

It also comes with a little booklet with helpful bedtime tips, teeth brushing tips, and recommendations for lullaby music.

I was SO PLEASED with our first box and cannot wait to get the coming months.  It is so fun getting packages in the mail!

Go take a look and sign up HERE!


Kyla Makay said...

Aw! So precious.
I love that little headband!

Lyndsey said...

ooooh, i like the sound of all of that stuff! especially the cute board book and tooth paste!

and i went to (how have i never heard of it before?!) and found about a million things i want to buy!

~spoiled~ said...

What a cool thing. I wish I had an extra $25 a month to do this. I wish I had an extra $5 a month. I could use something like this. I feel like a horrible mother when I cant go out an buy my son the things he needs. We have 2 toys total for him to play with. It sucks at times.


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