Georgia - 11 Months

April 17, 2012

My sweet Georgia,

You are ELEVEN months old today and I just cannot believe it.  Here is a glimpse into your life this month.

4-5 bottles a day.  It's usually 5 because most days you'll have about 2-3 oz with your dinner but somedays you will skip that bottle.  All your other bottles are about 6 oz.  You have 3 meals a day with dinner always being your largest and the occasional snack.

Nighttime sleep has been all over the board this month.  Anywhere from 11 hours all the way up to 13.5 hours. Your one nap has been very consistent though at 2.5 - 3 hours.  From 12-2:30 or 3.  That's why I can't figure out why some nights you only sleep 11 hours but others you sleep longer.  Typically though you're at 11.5 so I can't complain.  (Her sleep definitely comes in phases though where sometimes she sleeps more and sometimes she sleeps less.)

Generally anything around 12 months is going to fit.  All brands are so different so it's hard to tell.  You're still in a size 4 wide shoe.  Your feet are so fat that your toes don't lay flat.  One toe on each foot sticks up above the other ones because there isn't room.  Ha, love it!  You're still in size 3 diapers.

(I'm still shocked everyday that I see you and your gorgeous blue eyes when your dad and I have brown.  Just love it!  You get complimented on them all the time.)

At your last appointment for your stomach bug you were 25 pounds on an empty stomach.  I have no idea how tall you are but we've gotten a lot of comments that you look really tall or look like you've grown so who knows.

You still LOVE Violet.  You go and find her every morning and carry her around much of the day.  You still love all your stuffed animals and soft blankets and babies.  Typical girl.  BUT, you also love to throw things, make a lot of noise, bang on things, and in general be pretty destructive.  EVERYTHING to you is a phone.  It started with your play phone.  You would put it to your ear and talk all the time.  Then it moved to your play fork and the it's everything.  You're so funny.  You also enjoy mimicking us.  If I have a headband on you rip it off my head then try to put in on your head then try to put it back on mine.  You also like to walk with your hands behind your back and have recently started doing front rolls all on your own.  You'll run, then stop, put your head on the floor, and then flop over.  We have no idea where you got this from besides that your dad and I flip you over a lot while playing but not the same way you do it.  I need to get you in a gymnastics class ASAP!  Oh, and you really like to hug our legs now.

Having your diaper changed.  Getting dressed. are not a good teether.  Having your face or nose wiped.  Pretty much anything where you don't get "your way".

You still say "hi" or "hey" and, "baba" for bye.  You say "dada" all the time and refuse to say "mama" any other time other than while you're crying.  New words you've said are "Reee" for Perry, bow, and bike.  You still yell way more than you talk.

Other things this month:
You are fighting terrible allergies right now (along with everyone else in our area!) and I am so thankful you are already on allergy medicine because it would be so much worse if you weren't.  You had your first stomach bug this month (12 hours) so, that wasn't fun.  I also forgot to mention that you are now officially out of the nursery at church.  You are now in the next class up with your cousin Molly Kate.  They started transitioning you at about 9.5 months because you walked so early and they were not quite ready to let you go but now you're in the big kid class full time and love it (mainly because you get snack time in there!)

I feel a bit of a "sandpaper" area where one of your molars should be so I think it should be breaking through soon but I've been saying that for weeks.  Also, I think I might feel something where your top eye teeth should be.  Every morning I check though and nothing new is there.  We're still waiting.

(notice the runny nose?  lovely.)

Oh, my sweet girl I CANNOT believe you just finished your 11th month.  I can already tell that you are just brilliant and have such a sweet yet in charge personality.  I just love it!

(the quality of her past few "laying down" pictures are just terrible.  I know this.  Do you know how hard it is to get a walker to lay on a blanket for a picture.  Nearly impossible!)

(check HERE for all her weekly/monthly pictures!)

I wrote this post really quickly...sorry for any typos!


Natalie said...

She is so so cute! I Can't believe she is 11 months old. I remember when you announced your pregnancy and it doesn't feel like that long ago!

Lyndsey said...

Happy 11 Months, G! Only one more month to go!

Her front roll trick is cute!

Mallorie said...

Only one month until she is ONE! WOW! This year has flown, and I know it feels like that for you even more! She is just so darling and I love that she says bow ;-) She is just so adorable and has such a fun/spunky personality!!! Happy 11 months Miss Georgia! :-)

Tami said...

Oh- it's so hard for me to believe our sweet girls are 11 months old! They are such big girls now! I think that is hilarious that she does front rolls. She definitely needs to be a gymnast! That is too cute that her little feet are so chubby! Is it hard finding the wide shoes for her? She looks absolutely adorable in her orange dress and flower. Happy eleven months pretty girl!

Melanie said...

Makayla's toes do the SAME thing! I love her orange dress...sooooo cute!!


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