Boy Meets Girl

May 30, 2012

Alternative Title:  Georgia meets Liam for a second time

Alternate (alternate) Title:  15 pictures of two cute babies

Oddly enough the Loflands were in Galveston the same time we were so obviously we had to meet up with them.  Here's how it went.

"Hey Liam. "

"Want to borrow my rake?"

"No.  Actually, I want your truck."

"Ok, well I'll trade you my shovel for my truck and some water from your sippy cup."

"No thanks.  I'll keep both."

"Why did our parents bring us here!"

"Georgia, I really don't think it's that bad."

"Well, did you try to eat the sand's terrible by the way."

"Oh no!  It's in my eyes!"
On that note, we decided to head to the pool instead since neither was that excited about the sand.

"Hey Liam, did you know you can kind of get out of the pool?"

"Look!  Rocks!"

"Yes!  I got one!"

THEN!  The cutest thing EVER happened.  Georgia leaned in for a huge hug!  And, of course we clapped for them right before Georgia full on tackled him into the water...still in a full hug of course!

Some of these were from my MIL's point and shoot so when I zoomed in it got blurry but it's too cute to not get up close!

After the two played in the driver's seat of my car and I got to hold that sweet boy!  It was so fun!

Oh, and I'm meeting up with another bloggy friend in the next few days!  Super excited!


MSDeyle said...

Love the commentary!! It's so fun trying to figure out what they are thinking. But even more fun to just make it up because it's always hilarious.

Lyndsey said...

hahaha I love their conversation! I'll have to add in my iphone pictures of G teaching Liam how to climb out of the pool, lol. I still can't believe your MIL was able to catch that moment, I love it!

Pamela said...

Too cute!!

cait said...

Literally laughed out loud. Adorable!!

Natalie said...

ahh so cute! I love that hug :)
Can't wait to see that little cutie in the flesh!!

mariel said...

too cute! i love liam's face in the pictures on the beach. these are definitely wedding-slide-show-worthy!

Callie Nicole said...

Ah, cute! How fun that the two of you were able to meet up there!

emily said...

Too cute!

Mallorie said...

LOVE! :-) Can't wait to see pictures of G and sweet Callyn!!!


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