Georgia - 13 Months

June 17, 2012

(I FINALLY figured out a way to get you to smile for pictures.  I say "CHEEEEEEEESE", and you smile!)

(I like doing her monthly updates.  I think they will be helpful to me in the future when we have another child and I just like looking back at them.  So, we'll continue on with them!  These are just for me.)

3 meals
Usually 2 snacks
5 sippy cups of milk (about 20oz. our doc says 16-24oz a day)
Sippy cups of water through out the day.  You prefer water to juice.

One 3 hour nap from 1-4 (usually)
11.5-13 (or more) hours at night.  You go to bed at 7:30.

12-24 months
4 diaper
4/5 shoes
25lbs - 95%  31in - 95%  Head size - 98%  Your doctor says you are 100% proportionate! (at 12 months)

eating and drinking
running and climbing

being slowed down
being told no

-You've started talking a ton this month.
-Your new favorite word is, "no".  When anything is not going 100% the way you want you yell, "NO!"
-You can sign more, all done, and please.
-I'll try to list all of your words, not just the new ones.  Dada, momma, Ree (for Perry), nana, boat (ba), duck (du), ball, Georgia (Dor-duh), purple (puh-pul), you can moo like a cow and I feel like I'm forgetting a TON!
-You also do things on command.  Like, come here, shake-shake, identify your colors, identify eyes, nose, and mouth, wave hi and bye, you blow on hot things (if we show you), you can make your bunny "hop-hop"
-You are on all sippy cups now, no more bottles.
-You have been off of iron and Prevacid for an entire month
-I made your 13 month picture a few days early but you now have 3 of your molars so you actually have 11 teeth...nearly 12)

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times, you are the brightest, most wonderful child I know.  No one could convince me other wise.  I love you sweet girl.

And, because it's father's day!

Happy father's day Jonathan.  You are, hands down, the best dad in the world and Georgia loves you for it! I could write paragraphs and paragraphs about your greatness as a father but I don't have all day.  I'll just post this picture instead!

(I'm not usually a cheesy saying type person but the shirt is PERFECT!)


kristennw712 said...

that picture is to die for cute! happy father's day!!! and happy 13 mo to such a cute family!!!!

Tami said...

Such a cutie pie! I like the way you listed everything out. I've been trying to decide how to continue to document E's monthly growth and I think I may copy you! :) I can't believe she almost has 12 teeth! That is a mouthful for such a little thing. I feel like E has been working on her molars forever but they still haven't popped through. Happy 13 months sweet Peach!

Natalie said...

I think it's great you're still doing monthly posts! I want them to reference back to for next time too so C's posts are always forever long, but oh well!
That shirt is just perfect for Georgia!


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