Peach Party

June 12, 2012

Georgia's party was absolute perfection.  The weather was great and there was even a nice breeze.  Although the party was great, I have already vowed (several times) to never do a big party again.  We'll see if that sticks.  I was thankful and felt very blessed with all of our 40 or so guests though!  It was a lot of fun having most of your favorite people in one place!

I posted all the photobooth pictures HERE.

My good friend and college roommate Megan served as photographer (her husband Paul, even used our video camera to get the cake smash!) and I was so glad she did.  I had such a great time knowing someone else was there to capture the memories and I didn't have to bother with it.  My FIL also took a ton of pictures (the ones with the peach borders) so I literally didn't touch my camera the entire time we were there.  Also, I could not have set up without my mom and MIL.  They were such a big help.  I got to the park 2 hours early and that was still not enough time.  I literally had decor that I didn't even have time to put up.

I will try to do my best to post where I got things but if I miss something just message me and let me know!

This was the location of the party.  A private neighborhood park.  (Yes, that is water across the road and yes it is supposed to be there.  Apparently it is a design feature.)

I got to the park early to get everything set up and Jonathan stayed home with Georgia so she could get her good 3 hour nap in and be ready to party.  It worked out perfectly. 

Her guest book.  "Each Peach Pear Plum".  We'll be doing this every year.  I just loved it!  I even let every little one sign it and it was just too cute!

The photographer, Megan, also brought all the chalkboards from her wedding for me to use!

The decor was a little tricky to get pictures of.  The fireplace was wrap around on each side and it was windy so everything (in pictures) looks jumbled but in person it wasn't.  Everything has a specific spot but it was just hard to tell with the angles of the fireplace.  My mom made fruit skewers, meat and cheese, chocolate dipped oreos, and chocolate dipped pretzel sticks.  My MIL brought the chips, dips, ice.  Also, Jonathan insisted on Chik-fil-A nuggets for the, he got them!  We provided the cupcakes and drinks.  We had a ton of peach flavored drinks!

Her pictures on the mantle were a huge hit!  The two vases up there were just old Coke bottles and I had fresh flowers on the picnic tables too.  I just think fresh flowers add a feminine touch :)  Obviously it was a bit windy.  I spent a good amount of time untangling the garland.  Parties outside are just different.

The garland was DIY.  I followed THIS tutorial.

The banner was from Target.

The jars are "Cooper Farm" peaches.  My nephew is named Cooper so I just had to buy them!

Cupcake and icing recipe is HERE.  I substituted the strawberry in the recipe for peach and also added peaches to the icing.   I got the idea for the pineapple flowers HERE.

All the printables are from HERE.

Imagine everything in nice rows before little hands were all over the cupcakes and the flowers not wilted from the heat!

I bought the straws HERE.   I also had a ton of plastic cups and plastic crazy straws for the littles and they loved it.

I made her invitation on Photoshop Elements.

The goodie bags had peach O's in them.  (Gummy candy)

My mom and step dad's SEVEN grandbabies!  Joshua, Grace, Cooper, Georgia, Molly Kathryn, Abigail, and Isabelle.

Photographer Megan made that adorable window pane frame you see in the background!

Birthday banner is from HERE.

I bought the birthday crown from THIS shop on Etsy.


Glad I FINALLY finished this post!


Callie Nicole said...

All the decorations were great, Emily! It turned out beautifully. Good job!

Brittney Galloway said...

Everything looks wonderful! What a beautiful setting for the party!

Tami said...

I've been dying to see the pictures from G's peach party! Everything turned out so wonderfully! Very classic and pretty! I love the peach O's for favors- such a cute idea. Georgia looked precious in her peach dress!

J and A said...

So cute! Everything turned out great!! Love it.

Joeylee said...

super cute, everything turned out great!

Lyndsey said...

Very cute!! I love the mantle and that everyone wore peach!

Blissfully Burton said...

eek! i love it all! you did such a wonderful job!!

3 HOUR NAP? I am so jealy!!!!!

Kristal said...

Absolutely perfect!!! So cute for her 1st birthday. Everything was adorable. Love that you had a friend take all the pics--I wish I would remember to do that at our parties. Every year I also say, "I'll never do a big party again"--and I do every time.

Megan said...

It really did turn out great and I am glad she had such a great party! Can't wait to take more pictures for y'all. Love this post with all the details and where you got everything. I am going to need a tutorial one day on PicMonkey, I just never have time to sit down and play around haha!

cait said...

So classy and cute!! Love all the details. She looks like she really enjoyed that cake...job well done, Momma!! ADORE her eyes in those pictures!


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