Georgia - 14 months

July 17, 2012

First:  Our BIG news!

Jonathan is now the new assistant principal at the high school he has worked at for four years!  I'll try and share the details later.  We are so excited and I am so proud of him!

Now, onto Georgia!

(Jonathan told me how to spell separation.  It's his fault that it is spelled wrong.)

All of your "words" (or commands):

Dada, momma, nana, bite, Ree (for Perry), dat (that), getit (get it), baa (for a lamb), moo (for a cow), eeee (for a monkey), one, bike, hi, hey, bye, da (duck), ba (boat), ball (any circle is also a ball), button, bow, paw-paw, dog, what's that (wasss-at), who's that (hisss-at), you rawr like a bear or lion, and neigh like a horse.  Your silly sentences crack me up.  When you're talking I ask you questions and sometimes you'll ramble back and other times you look at me like I'm speaking a foreign language.

I don't know a lot of baby signs but the ones we use all the time are "more", "all done" but you can also say "all done", and "please".  I'm currently working on teaching you "help" and "thank you" but that is all I know.  Having you sign please has been a HUGE deal for us and cutting out your whining.  You can sign please and point without all the fuss.

You can "come here", listen and understand "no", you go stand by the back door when I ask if you want to go "outside" and if I ask you if you are ready to "eat" you go stand by your booster.  You will kick and throw a ball on command and sit down if I ask you too.  You clap your hands when we sing, "If You're Happy and You Know It" and you wave your "light" when we sing "This Little Light of Mine".  You can identify colors, eyes, nose, mouth, belly button, head, hair, and also pat your chest when we say, "Where's Georgia?"  If asked, "how old are you?" you respond by holding up your one pointer finger and saying one but is sounds like, "wa wa wa".  You blow kisses (you did this for the first time to a total stranger) and know how to, "pat pat" the dog, "shake shake" noisy toys, and make your bunny, "hop hop".  You give high 5's and head bumps when asked too.  You can wash your belly, smell or sniff things.

You now can put two of your words together to make small (somewhat) sentences.  You've done two.  "My bite" and "Hi Dad".  You've said "hi dad" for a while but I'm not really sure if you've always known what you were saying.

Communication has obviously been a big thing the past few months...I probably won't list this all out again.

Eating and Sleeping:

You sleep anywhere from 11.5-13.5 hours a night and your nap is 2-3 hours a day from around 1-4 and bedtime is 7:30

You're still on your same eating schedule (milk and meals) that you've been on forever.  Three meals a day and milk when you wake up in the morning, before and after nap, after dinner and before bed.  You are not a picky eater and will eat almost anything.  I love that about you.  But, you are a particular eater.  You hardly ever want to sit still long enough to eat and end up only feeding yourself a few bites...the rest we just shove into your mouth.  You eat really SLOOOOOOWLY!

You have 12 teeth.  Your front 4 on top and bottom and your 4 molars.


You're in 4-5 shoes and clothes are anywhere between 12-24 months.  You wear size 4 diapers.

Weight:  26.2 lbs over 95th %
Height:  33.5 in. over 95 %

Taking my shoes down and trying to put them on.  You do the same things with my headbands.  You love to wear them and can put them on (not very well) yourself.  Talking.  Opening, closing, putting in, taking out, and stacking.  Swimming, bike rides, and the park.  Climbing on and off everything.  Banging on things or knock them over.  You are OBSESSED with your "Daa-Dee".  You've always played really well by yourself but now I put your music on in your room, lay down a blanket and open your book drawer and you just get so excited and play by yourself for a long time...usually while I unload the dishes.  (Your room is close to the kitchen)  You also really like to put things on your head.  Mainly blankets and stuffed animals.

Not getting your way.  You've started a bit of separation anxiety.  You had some before you hit 12 months and now you have it again but it isn't bad.  It comes and goes quickly and also has a little to do with not getting your way.  I just ignore it and is seems to pass.  You still are not fond of getting dressed or diaper changes but seem to be doing much better.

{I feel like I'm missing so much!  It's hard to bottle up your HUGE personality into one post!}

(I feel that I should say that I shamelessly brag about Georgia on her monthly posts.  I mean, I should be her number one fan.  If I'm not, then who will be?  But, I also want to say that I NEVER post or write anything with the intention of making other people feel bad.  Did y'all read Cait's post awhile back or Kelly's?  Every baby is different and I try to always be totally honest and up front about mine.  Good or bad.  I never want to be a person that makes others feel bad by only showing my "highlight reel" on this blog.  Just felt that I needed to mention that.)


Joeylee said...

Happy 14 months Georgia. She is a doll & it sounds like she's doing awesome. Her & my daughter are the same height & weight

Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

Congratulations to your husband on the promotion! That is so wonderful!

Tami said...

Congrats again to Jonathan! I know he worked very hard to get there and I'm sure he will do a wonderful job. Isn't it fun how much talking/communicating they do at this age! I also agree that please is such a huge help to cut down on whining. I also think it's a really important manner for kids to learn very early on! Emerson is also going through a little stage where she doesn't like it if she doesn't get her way. It's funny to see such a little thing get so mad! Loved your disclaimer at the bottom and the link to Cait's post. Somehow I missed that post and I loved reading it. I think it's okay to brag about our sweeties in these update posts! That's what Mommies are for! But it's also important to be real and I think you do a great job of doing that!

Kristin said...

Congrats to your husband on his promotion! That is super awesome.

And i just love reading your posts about Georgia. She is one of the cutest babies I have seen. I love all her outfits. :)

MICHELE said...

I love love love the pic and the brief notes on it that you have done all along. It makes me want to go back and redo all my son's scrapbook pages like that.

And congrats to your hubby on the asst. principal thing! How cool.

cait said...

You are so right that we should brag about our gals! We are their Mommas and hopefully their biggest fans and advocates! :D I feel the same way about Adeline, that there is absolutely no way I can describe her personality in a post. Love reading about your sweet babe!

Cecilly said...

G is soo big!! iss you guys.

Lyndsey said...

She is such a smarty pants! I love her outfit for the pic!

Tiffany said...

What an amazing and adorable little girl! Congratulations to Jonathan! Sounds like an incredible opportunity :)


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