Our Anniversary

July 25, 2012

Jonathan and I had the most perfect anniversary this year. 

Before we left for dinner!

And, just because I love it.  Here is the back of my dress.  I had white leggings and super high heels.  The dress came down just past my booty so the leggings were a must.

Our first phone picture of the night was in the car and the last phone picture of the night was sitting outside near the fire pits.

The four year traditional gift is flowers.  Because of Lyndsey I made the flower/beer connection and began researching dates in the Houston area.  If you live in Houston you know St. Arnold's brewery is a big deal here.  I've been seeing it all over Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Blog so I just knew we needed to go and it would check off the flower portion of our celebration.

Well, I began to look into a tour and on their website I saw that they were doing a Tapas and Beer pairing night with the restaurant, Flora & Muse.  The night was actually at Flora & Muse so we only got to taste the St. Arnold's beer and not see the brewery but the restaurant and food were both amazing.  I strongly dislike beer but the hubs loved it.  It was even more perfect that the event was actually on our anniversary and to further the flower theme the restaurant was called FLORA & Muse.  Just perfect.

It was a five course meal with a beer paired for each tapas course.  We LOVED it all!  I only forgot to take a picture of the dessert...toffee bread pudding.  Probably because I ate it so quickly!  It was AMAZING!

Some of the dishes I started to eat before I took the picture...oops!  I cleaned my plate every time.  Well, not the shrimp.  I hate shrimp...Jonathan ate mine.  But, I did try it!

It was a well needed date night and we had a great time!

And, not to forget the gifts.  Jonathan got me a Nook Color and I got him running shoes with socks and new sunglasses to run in.

Happy Anniversary to us!

{Oh, and by the way Paper Coterie is having a 70% off sale on their GIFT CARDS!  That means you can get a 100$ gift card for 30 bucks!  I think I'm going to buy the gift card and then just use it for myself later on!  How awesome is that?!}


Bech and Marley Evans said...

Where did you get that dress? I love it!

Kristin said...

Sounds like a wonderful anniversary!

mariel said...

your dress is awesome. love it!
that sounds like such a fun date. glad you all had a great anniversary!

Lyndsey said...

Good job with the flower/beer idea! Love your dress! And thanks for the paper coterie tip, I am so buying that!

Tami said...

Sounds like a perfect anniversary!! I love your dress- especially the back! Thanks for sharing the info about the PC gift cards! I have like 5 photo books and a memory box saved to order so I'm definitely going to get the gift card!! Yay! :)

Blissfully Burton said...

Happy Anni!! Sounds so wonderful and food looks so yummy!!!

I've been MIA from blogland. Catching up on your posts... love your new banner!

Natalie said...

What a fun date! Glad you guys had a great anniversary :)

Tiffany said...

Glad you two had a fun anniversary date :)

tara said...

emily, i am in love with that dress!! where's it from?


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