The Weekend

July 2, 2012


The usual groceries and pool time.  Jonathan and Georgia ALWAYS go grocery shopping just the two of them every friday.  They both really enjoy it and I enjoy the time at home alone.  He takes her to the pool almost every night just the two of them.  I usually spend that time every night cleaning up the kitchen from dinner.  Divide and conquer!  Jonathan could not be a better husband and dad!

Meg came over that night and Georgia put on a show for her to say the least.  Lots of naked (on Georgia's part) dancing and spinning was going on!  Once the little naked one went to bed me and Megan got to have some nice girl conversation.

Jac and Ash got here later that night but.  Jaclyn, Ashley, Megan, and I were all best friends in college and the 4 of us had not all been together since December...way too long!

We all watched a Jump Street 21 (laughed our butts off)  and went to bed way too late!


Jaclyn and Ashley spent the night at my house and we met up with Megan at Panera for lunch and then headed back to Megan's house for Jaclyn's Stella and Dot party.

After the party we cleaned up Meg's house and headed back to mine for a ladies night in.  We grabbed some Chick-fil-a, stuffed our faces, drank some sangria, and then were pressured into a push up contest by my husband.  I'm not sure why the girls all agreed to this while he just sat on his butt and watched.  I didn't win.  Surprised, I know.  My arms are killing me right now though!

After the push ups we had our first ever group birthday celebration.  Instead of mailing each others gifts all year we decided to have one group party in the summer and exchange gifts all at once.  It was a lot of fun and I LOVED all of my fun gifts!

Then, we watched New Years Eve.  Two thumbs down and went to bed late again, well at least in my opinion it was late!


We met 3 other Baylor Thetas for brunch and then Megan dropped me off at church with Jonathan to catch the last half of the sermon.

We came home, ate lunch, and all took good naps.

Later, our friends came over for our Sunday Supper Club.  One couple was out of town but the two littles had fun playing together.  Here is a SUPER long video of them dancing to Pandora on the TV.  I was hysterical most of the video so sorry for the shaking.  Oh, and both had diaper changes and we just never put pants back on them.  The things you find entertaining once you have children...and, the music selection was to get the babies movie not my personal preference.


Lyndsey said...

Will and I watched 21 Jump Street this weekend too, lol. It was so hilarious! Did you get anything good at the Stella and Dot party?? The babies dancing video is great! Liam only dances once in a blue moon, but it never gets old!

Rachel and John said...

Henry has just started dancing with his whole body. Before he used to just wave his head from side to side Stevie Wonder Style. I love it!

Brenna Boyd said...

I just played this for my son and every time Georgia clapped he copied her lol. Such a cute video.

Megan said...

Had so much fun last weekend!! Can't wait until our next get together. And love Georgia's dance moves, she really gets her whole body into it!


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