High Five Friday

August 31, 2012

My top 5 things I am loving this Friday!

Her face when she's done with our little photo shoots.  She's so over it.

Finding random pictures on our phones that I forgot I never saved onto my external hard drive.

It's Friday so that means my mom is subbing at my school today.  I'm in a portable outside and she'll be right across the sidewalk from me all day!  YAY!  I actually asked her to sub at my school so she could always be my sub but it's ok if she works for other people too :)  Maybe she'll bring me lunch!  Oh, and this is my art wall at work.  I love it.  It makes me happy in my dark, all black cave.

This week was Jonathan's first week on duty as the new Assistant Principal.  I got Georgia all dressed up in her best school dress and we took cupcakes to "da-dee" at the end of the day.  I must admit...she looked pretty darn cute!  I originally wanted G to start "school" two days a week at our church's school but it ended up not working out because our house didn't sell so we still live too far away.  But, if she had these would have been great "first day of school" pictures, huh?  I just LOVE them!  I mean, what's not to love?  Big bow.  Smocking.  And, teddy!

I'm making progress on my couch to 5k.  I run the slowest pace ever!  I run 2 miles in 25 minutes.  LAME.  I still need to lower my time AND add another mile.  Blah!  I posted this picture above in the pic collage but here it is again, just bigger.  Me and my "stun-gun" that Jonathan makes me run with since I run at night.  I run every other night...and it makes me feel like I might just die.  I'm not even kidding!

Happy Friday everyone!

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Tami said...

That is so awesome that your mom will always be your sub. I'm sure that will make writing sub plans so much easier! Sorry to hear that it didn't workout for G to go to MDO. :( That is so awesome that you are sticking with your Couch to 5k. I'm also pretty slow when I run but I say it doesn't matter how slow you run as long as you run! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Nicholl Vincent said...

i LOVE that big red bow!

Happy Friday! Stop by and say hello :)

Kristin said...

Love all the Georgia pictures! She is such a cutie. And keep sticking with the Couch to 5K...you'll get there! I need to do it too.

Happy weekend!

Joeylee said...

How cool that your mom will always be your sub. Georgia is to cute. Love the diaper butt crack picture.

mariel said...

i love the booty crack shot and those are some super cute school pics!

Rachel and John said...

Awesome that you get to see so much of your mom!

I also dislike running but I want to start after William is born. You give me hope!


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