August 24, 2012

Camera Dump Day!

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SUPER long.  Still catching up from vaca.

{Now she swings like a big girl!  And, Daddy dresses her for the park.}

{Humidity Hair}

{Talking on Momma's phone}

{Flowers from the hubs}

{Ant bites!!!}

{Saved 30$ by only line drying.  Started in the middle of a billing cycle.}

{Hobby Lobby}

{Such a messy eater!}


{Pony tail.  Don't let this fool you.  In 2.5 seconds she ripped it out!}

{I got an app for that!}

Bath time with daddy is fun/interesting

Georgia gets to start REAL gymnastics in November (18 months) and I saw this $1.99 gymnastics outfit at Goodwill and couldn't resist.  How funny is this?  Olympics bound!

Georgia's new big girl jammies...and I had just combed her hair.  She's precious, no?

More Goodwill steals!  Gap and Gymboree for less than 4$ total!

Our new favorite bath product and G isn't allergic and it's lavender!  She actually has scent in her life now!

Being sweet with momma

How she rides in the car

Our messy life.  And yes, I finally took my Olympics decor down.  I wasn't ready to let it go!


We didn't go to church last Sunday so we read about Saul.

Being sweet with her momma again.

Running errands at WalMart.  Looks like she has swooping bangs :)

My mom made my lunch for my first day back to work.

When I got back home after my first day back.  So glad to see her sweet face!

Playing in the shower!

After the shower!

BACK to BACK messes!  ugh!

Playing outside!

See the hummingbird to the left of the feeder?

Trying to get the bird seed out of her mouth!

Our one baby curl doubled.  We now have two small curls.


We recycled all our plastic containers and bought all glass.  I was really excited about this change.  We're really trying to have less plastic.

My Baylor shirt!  Old Navy sales rack - 4$

Georgia insisted on wearing bracelets to dinner.  She is such a girl!

Phew!  That was a lot of pictures!

Happy Friday everyone!


Kelli said...

The birdseed extraction picture is so cute! Poor Georgia, she just wanted to try something new! :)

Rachel and John said...

Love the gymnastics outfit! SO CUTE!

Melanie said...

Love the pictures..that gymnastics outfit you bought is so cute and funny looking!!

Callie Nicole said...

Oh gosh, she is so cute! I love her little curls, and the gymnastics outfit is too cute!

Tami said...

She looks like such a big girl on the swings! Sweet girl. I feel like I am constantly chasing behind Emerson and cleaning up messes. It's amazing how fast these little girls can destroy stuff.

cady said...

I LOVE the gymnastics outfit! Lucy started this summer and LOVES it!

Hilary Lane said...

You have such a cute little family! I have a soft spot for little blonde babies (Josh and I have a constant "discussion" over whether our kids will have my blonde hair or his brown hair). :-)


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