August 20, 2012

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Here is a recap of our weekend.  The days seem to be running together to me and my blogging is probably really boring.  Oh well.  Sorry in advance.

1.  So, I AM going back to work next year.  It's one of those, "I might as well situations" since this next year is my 5th and I'll be able to renew my contract.  So, once I renew I can work for another 5 years without getting  recertified if somewhere down the road I needed to work.  Also, our house didn't sell so I feel like I'm stuck in this in between state so again...I might as well keep working.  A LOT of changes did take place at work so there was some wavering in my decision but again...I might as well, huh?  All of that to say I was at work on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday working in my room because they moved it.  And, told me about it all of a week ago.  I took pictures of my room but honestly, I'm not even posting them.  It looks so blah and I don't even care.  I'm 90% sure I won't be there next year so I just had a hard time getting into it.  It's still welcoming and artsy but not as "cute" as I would have liked.

2.  We had some fever problems with Georgia since Monday night.  There were literally no other symptoms and she acted fine as long as her fever wasn't too high.  Her fever went away Friday night but she had blood work done on Saturday and had several doctor's appointments during the week (her doctor would call to check on her and if she still had a fever they would have me bring her in).  I don't know when we'll get the results but she's fine now.  I nearly cried during her blood work.  She was hysterical and I nearly couldn't handle it.  Her allergies are still bad...ugh, mine too.

3.  We took a trip to Trader Joe's for the first time and loved it.  They're just now getting to Texas so it was really fun to explore.  We bought way too much stuff.  We made a big family trip out of it and all three of us and a great time.

4.  Jonathan bought Georgia sugar free pudding the other day and I let her give it a go on Sunday.  She kept giving me the biggest goofiest grins (off camera of course) so I just let her get totally messy and she loved it.  She ate half the container by herself.

5.  I started to semi organize our pantry.  It usually doesn't look this bad but it had been a long day.  These are also phone pics so they aren't great.



Ok, happy Monday everyone!


Ameera (أميرة) said...

Isn't Trader Joe's awesome? I love that place :)

Sarah Ann said...

I LOVE Trader Joes. We are on a pretty tight budget, but we're super careful about what we eat, so it's perfect for us!

And about being in between, my heart totally goes out to you! Isn't it hard as wives and mothers (and women in general) to be in that spot? There's something in us that so longs to be settled, but it's sometimes hard to explain the emotions that come along with that! Thankfully, God is interested in our processes just as much as our end results. I feel like our marriage has been a consistent time of 'in betweens.' Sending up a prayer for a settled heart for you in this season!

Oh, and poor girl. I hate bloodwork - I can't imagine watching my baby get blood taken!

Tami said...

Trader Joe's is one of the things that has me looking forward to moving to California. I've never been to one and I can't wait! I bet you will have a great school year once it gets going but I always had a hard time getting back into the swing of things at first.

mariel said...

i'll keep your sweet georgia in my prayers. i hope everything comes back alright, but also that you get some answers.
we haven't made it to trader joe's yet, but after seeing your loot i think we need to real soon!

Katie said...

Yum, I need to get to TJ's & get some of those s'mores!


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