August 15, 2012

Here is what I am loving on this Wednesday!

Paper Coterie has some AWESOME deals going on right now!  All of their Documenting Products are on sale for 40% off when you use the code:  REALNEWYEAR

Also, first time customers can still get a free journal!  I wish I was a first time customer.  Go HERE to get yours.  Use code: WELCOMEJOURNAL

I just, CANNOT get enough of their stuff!  Literally!  I'm making a vacation book right now.  YAY!

I am loving all of the cute clothes I bought Georgia in Gulf Shores at the outlet mall.  I NEVER get to buy G clothes because we get SOOO many awesome hand me downs from my amazing SIL.  I'm pretty sure I've doubled the amount of money I've spent on her (for clothing) in her life time on this trip.  Not kidding, I hardly buy her anything because I just don't need to.  Each one of the A-line dresses were originally $45.  I got them for $11 each!  Steal!  And, I'm normally not a T-shirt kind of mom but the orange shirt has a blonde girl and a blonde dog...just like G and Perry.  Also, the pear shirt is because our wedding theme was "A Perfect Pair" so I just couldn't resist!  Love it all!

Here she is in a few of her new outfits!

Loving her sweet blonde hair and blue eye combo even though I clearly need to brush her hair in the photo!

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!

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Tami said...

I love all of the cute clothes you picked up for such a steal! it's so hard to resist cute stuff when it's on sale! I was so excited to finally use part of PC gift card to order E's birthday memory box but I was even more excited that I was able to use a promo code with the gift card. Now that's a deal!! I can't wait to order more! G's coloring reminds me so much of E! They have identical hair and eyes! Pretty girls!

R said...

Yay for good deals on baby clothes!!! My sister is about to have her first baby, a girl, and I have been getting tons of stuff at really good prices!! Love your blog!!

Happy Wednesday!!

Melanie said...

LOVE love love that green dress!!!

Nicholl Vincent said...

those hair bows are the best! so cute!

Have a wonderful day! Stop by and say hello! :)

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

I'm loving the green dress and bow...SO cute!


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